Whale Watching Tours in Los Cabos

Whale Watching Tours in Los Cabos
The area surrounding Los Cabos is extremely popular among many species of whales—and the humans who want to see them. For insider tips and our top tours that visit these majestic creatures, see below.

When to Go
Starting in December, thousands of whales make their annual migration from the cold waters of the Arctic to the warm, calm waters of the Baja Peninsula to give birth and raise their young. They typically remain in the area through late March or early April.

What You'll See
Mexico's Baja Peninsula is a major hot spot for a huge variety of whales and dolphins. Visitors have a chance to see gray, humpback, minke, blue, bryde, fin, and sei whales—as well as dolphins, manta rays, sea lions, and whale sharks.

How to Go
There are plenty of whale watching cruises that offer the chance to view these creatures in their natural habitat. Whether you choose a breakfast or dinner cruise from Cabo San Lucas, or opt for a combo tour that includes whale watching, snorkeling, and shopping in La Paz, you're in for memorable trip. Check out even more options below.
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