Food Lover's Guide to Lyon

Food Lover's Guide to Lyon
As the long-reigning gastronomic capital of France, Lyon will satisfy even the most difficult-to-please foodies. The proud home of world-renowned chef Paul Bocuse and the Méres Lyonnaises (the Mothers of Lyon), Lyon’s restaurants boast an impressive 24 Michelin stars between them. Here are your options for unforgettable Lyon food experiences.

Must-Try Dishes 
Celebrated for its abundance of fresh, regional produce and time-honored recipes, Lyon’s menus are vast and varied. Enjoy fresh fish and seafood sourced from the Rhône and Saône Rivers; delicious meats such as Charolais beef, Bresse chicken, Jésus de Lyon cured ham, and rosette pork sausage; and wines from the nearby Beaujolais, Burgundy, and Rhône Valley wine regions.

Popular dishes to look out for include quenelles de brochet (meat or fish dumplings in a cheese sauce), gâteau de foies de volaille (chicken liver cake), salade Lyonnaise (served with croutons, diced bacon, and a fried egg), or classic coq au vin (braised chicken in red wine) made with local Burgundy wine. Finish it off with local cheeses such as Saint-Marcellin or Cervelle de Canut, a slice of tarte aux pralines (praline tart), a plate of bugnes (fried donuts), or delicious poires à la Beaujolaise (pears poached in red wine).

Must-Do Experiences 
  • Feast on Lyonnais specialties on a walking tour of the legendary Paul Bocuse Food Hall (Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse) with an epicurean guide.
  • Explore the foodie hot spots of Lyon’s atmospheric Croix Rousse neighborhood on a small-group tour including food and wine tasting.
  • Zip around the UNESCO World Heritage–listed monuments of Old Lyon (Vieux Lyon) on an electric bike, stopping to sample Lyonnais delicacies along the way.
  • Enjoy the undivided attention of your guide on a private tour of Beaujolais wine country and the Dombes lake region.
  • Tuck into traditional cuisine accompanied by Côte de Rhône wines at one of Lyon’s historic bouchons (a pub or bistro dating back to the 19th century).
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