Cybele's Fountain (Fuente de la Cibeles)

Cybele's Fountain (Fuente de la Cibeles)
Madrid’s most memorable statue is Cybele’s Fountain, or Fuente de la Cibeles, depicting the Greek goddess of fertility, Cybele, being pulled by two lions on a chariot. Designed by architect Ventura Rodriguez for King Carlos III in 1782, the white marble monument stands encircled by water in the center of the historic Plaza de Cibeles.

Once providing water to local residents, the fountain is now merely decorative, doubling up as a popular meeting point for locals. Real Madrid’s football fans, in particular, have adopted the spot for post-game celebrations. Its job as a water source might be redundant but Cybele’s Fountain is still one of the most prominent symbols of Madrid and if you look closely, you’ll see the 8-meter-tall goddess not only holds a scepter but also a set of keys – said to be the keys to the city. Perhaps most aesthetically pleasing is the fountain’s striking surroundings – a backdrop that includes the 18th century Palacio de Buenavista, the 19th century Palacio de Linares, the grand Bank of Spain and the exquisite Palacio de Comunicaciones (the City Hall).
Adress: Plaza Cibeles, 28014 Madrid, Spanien
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