Game of Thrones Tours in Malta

Game of Thrones Tours in Malta
Featured in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones, Malta's ancient architecture, fortresses, and rocky coastal scenery make up the perfect King's Landing in this fantasy show. Here are a few Malta highlights you can expect to see on a GoT-themed tour.

Once the capital of the island of Malta during the medieval era, the walled city of Mdina retains a charming atmosphere featured as King's Landing locations such as the yard of armorer Tobho Mott, the Baelish Brothel, King's Gate, Coppersmith's Wynd, and Cobbler's Square. Thrones fans Discuss Ned Stark, Daenerys, and Westeros with their tour guide.

Filming brought the show to Birgu for an area used as the Red Keep's skull chamber, known as the final resting place of the mythical dragons that once guarded the Targaryen family. Visit on a Thrones tour from Valletta.

The Great Sept of Baelor is the center of all religious worship in King's Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, and scenes recreating this key religious site were partially filmed inside Gżira's Fort Manoel, an imposing 18th-century defensive structure.

Want to explore all of the Thrones' seven kingdoms? Other spectacular filming locations can be found in Iceland, Northern Ireland, Spain, and Croatia.
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