Coconut Grove

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Coconut Grove is a bayside village in Miami, recognized as the oldest modern continuously inhabited neighborhood in the city. Originally settled in the 1800s, Coconut Grove is sometimes referred to as “Bohemia on the Bay.” Complete with a pedestrian-friendly village center where visitors can wander galleries, go shopping or enjoy lunch at a quaint sidewalk café. There are some recognizable chain restaurants and open-air malls but also college bars, as students from nearby Florida International University and the University of Miami flock to the area, especially as the sun goes down.  Known locally as “the Grove,” its bay-front location also showcases a number of various parks.

Village West, a noted sub-area, is the modern-day historic home of Bahamian and African-American descendants of Coconut Grove’s earliest settlers. There is evidence that settlers from the Bahamas came via Key West in order to work at the Peacock Inn, the first hotel in the area, which was originally called the Bay View Inn. 

Coconut Grove has been a popular location for the filming of various television series and movies, including Meet the Fockers, Marley & Me and Burt Reynolds’ 1985 Stick. Shows like Dexter, CSI: Miami and The First 48 have been filmed in the village as well. If you remember George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” video, the shot of him looking out to sea from a hotel balcony was shot in Coconut Grove too. The village’s popularity extends not only to set locations, but also to some noted celebrities. Sylvester Stallone and Madonna both called the village home for a few years, and professional athletes like the NFL‘s Frank Gore and the NBA’s LeBron James are among Coconut Grove’s residents as well.
Adress: Miami, Florida, USA
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