Faubourg Marigny

Ask any tourist about the Faubourg Marigny and you’ll likely be met with blank stares. Ask any local about the Faubourg Marigny, and you’ll hear about one of New Orleans’s most interesting and musically active neighborhoods. A triangular area between Esplanade and Elysian Fields Avenue, this historic New Orleans neighborhood spans only a third of a square mile but has a wildly disproportionate concentration of musical talent.

Long a local secret, national attention landed upon Faubourg Marigny when, after Hurricane Katrina, a new wave of interest in New Orleans began, and with the economic resurgence that filled the land the Marigny neighborhood entered the spotlight as a local place to be and be seen.

Historically, the Faubourg Marigny was developed as New Orleans’ second suburb in 1806, and was the first recording neighborhood outside of the famous French Quarter. The neighborhood first became famous thanks to a wealthy eccentric southern gentleman who owned a plantation within the boundaries of the district and was known throughout the south for his generous displays of wealth and for bringing the now popular gambling game “craps” to America.

The most popular part of Faubourg Marigny is Frenchmen Street. This four block stretch of bars and restaurants is one of the most popular places in the city to catch live music and grab a good and soulful bite to eat. Many bars don’t feature cover charges, so patrons bounce from bar to bar with a “to go” drink, enjoying the neighborhood’s famous local music.
Adress: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
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