USS Missouri

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USS Missouri
Step aboard the USS Missouri, a hulking, gray battleship also known as the “Mighty Mo," docked at Ford Island in Oahu's Pearl Harbor. More than 70 years ago, it played an important role in history while anchored in Tokyo Bay when the Japanese surrender documents that ended World War II were signed on her decks. Permanently docked off the active military base and within sight of many memorials that mark the United States' tragic entry into World War II, the USS Missouri (now known as the Battleship Missouri Memorial) is a reminder of the war's conclusion.

The USS Missouri went on to participate in two more wars, and today the 900-foot decommissioned ship serves as a showcase of what life aboard was like. Visitors can wander the crew's quarters and mess halls, look out from the bridge and touch the 50-caliber deck guns. Exhibits inside the ship's various compartments—restored to look as it did during service—share information and crew artifacts from its various tours of duty. Three regularly running guided tours are included in admission and offer different insights: The main deck tour explores the guns and site of the historic surrender; the below deck tour covers the cabins, berths and mess hall; and the above deck tour offers bird's-eye views from the command and control center, bridge and captain's quarters.
Adress: 63 Cowpens Street, Ford Island, Oahu, Hawaii 96818, USA
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