Otway Sound

Otway Sound

Famed for its colony of adorable Spheniscus magellanicus penguins, the Penguin Sanctuary of Otway Sound - or Pingüinera de Seno Otway - is one of the most easily visited penguin preserves in the world. Almost 5,000 of the smallish "warm weather" penguins - all of them couples - make their way here in September, and begin building nests. Most lay their eggs in October, and start hatching fuzzy gray chicks by late November. 

Most visitors arrive in November and December, eager to see the baby penguins. Many of the adults spend the day fishing, so try to arrive at the sanctuary before 8am or after 5pm, when the hardworking spouses bring home their bounty to share with their young families.

Also accessible from Punta Arenas Isla Magdalena is home to a much larger colony (more than 100,000 penguins). It's much more difficult and expensive to visit than Otway Sound, but worth the effort for serious penguin lovers.

Adress: Puerto Natales, Chile
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