Punta Rusia

Punta Rucia, also sometimes spelled Punta Rusia, is a cape-end beach and fishing village in the Dominican Republic province of Puerto Plata. It is located near the town of La Isabela in the Bay of La Isabela. Diving and snorkeling are two popular pastimes along Punta Rucia. The shallow cove is quite serene and a great spot to look for colorful fish without the need to venture too far from shore. You can also grab a couple of friends and try a thrilling banana-boat ride.

If you are spending an afternoon in Punta Rucia, be sure to visit one of the area’s restaurants. Since it’s primarily a fishing village, seafood is a specialty here. Enjoy a beachfront lunch and take in the scenic views of the fishing boats that dot the waterfront. The tranquil village is also the jumping off point for many travelers who want to visit the nearby island of Cayo Paraiso. Cayo Paraiso, or Paradise Island, is a deserted island and natural sandbar located near Punta Rucia. Spend an afternoon snorkeling the crystal-clear lagoon and coral reef that surrounds the island.

Monte Cristi National Park, or Parque Nacional Monte Cristi, is also near Punta Rucia. One of the driest regions of the Dominican Republic, it’s worth exploring the mangroves and swamps, which attract birds like herons, brown pelicans and flamingos. Tours that visit Cayo Paraiso and Monte Cristi will also pass one of the most interesting natural landmarks – El Morro. El Morro is a 777-foot (237-meter) limestone mesa that juts up from the waters. Look for several nearby small islands as well. Los Cayos Siete Hermanos (The Seven Brothers Cays) are home to 10 different species of reptiles. 
Adress: Punta Rusia, Dominican Republic, Dominikanska republiken
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