Guide to Marin County: Sausalito, Muir Woods, and More

Guide to Marin County: Sausalito, Muir Woods, and More
Crossing the iconic Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco—a worthy journey in itself—leads visitors to the beauty and bounty of Marin County. From hiking and biking trails to cheese and wine tastings, quaint towns to inviting beaches, here’s what not to miss in Marin.

Muir Woods National Monument
This stunning forest of giant old-growth redwood trees is an incredibly popular destination in Marin. The protected nature reserve is one of the last coastal redwood forests in the world, where visitors gaze up in amazement at the ancient trees towering above.

This artsy seaside town faces the San Francisco skyline, offering not just views of the city but a culture all its own. Its charming streets are full of galleries, boutiques, and restaurants waiting to be explored. Sausalito is near Muir Woods, so it’s easy to visit both in the same day.

Mt. Tamalpais
Affectionately known to locals as Mt. Tam, this Marin mountain and state park has dozens of scenic hiking and mountain biking paths and trails. Many have incredible coastal views of the bay, the Pacific Ocean, and the surrounding landscape. Sunset is a particularly beautiful time to visit.

Tomales Bay
Just a bit up the coast is this scenic bay known for its fresh oysters that grow locally in its waters. It’s a popular place for a hike, kayak ride, or picnic with some local cheeses and wine. Visit an oyster farm or eatery to taste the best the region has to offer.
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