Seeing the Northern Lights in Norway

Seeing the Northern Lights in Norway
The dark nights in northern Norway and the mountainous archipelago of Tromso make it a prime area for those hoping to see the Northern Lights. Here's everything you need to know about catching Aurora Borealis in full force on your trip to Norway.

When to Go
Tromso's fantastical light displays are best seen from December to February between 6pm and midnight, though visitors sometimes also catch sightings between October and March. You'll find the best viewing conditions on dark and cloudless nights, but remember to wrap up warmly—lower cloud cover means lower temperatures.

Where to Go
Tromso is a great base for admiring the Northern Lights—it's not too big, there's not a great deal of light pollution, and you don't have to travel far from the city streets to find pitch darkness. Intrepid travelers keen to delve further into the wilderness can choose a tour that heads to the Lyngen Alps east of Tromso, the wild island of Sommarøy, or the remote Ersfjord on the island of Kvaloya, where swathes of color from the lights reflect on snow-capped peaks.

How to Go
There are plenty of options for travelers keen to see the Northern Lights for themselves. Choose a skiing or snowshoeing tour through the wilderness for a winter sport adventure, or opt for a Northern Lights cruise along the fjord-lined coast of Norway. For something more extreme, experience the unearthly beauty of the arctic at midnight on a Northern Lights-chasing tour in the remote Lofoten archipelago.
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