Whale Watching Tours in Vancouver

Whale Watching Tours in Vancouver
Whales frequently frolic in the Strait of Georgia and around the Gulf Islands, which means you can easily see them on your visit to Vancouver. Read on for everything you need to know about spotting these graceful marine mammals in British Columbia.

When to Go
This region's whale watching season typically runs from March through October, when thousands of whales migrate through the area. It's often much cooler on the water than it is on shore, so be sure to dress in layers.

What You'll See
The most commonly sighted whales are resident orcas, which feed on migrating salmon, and transient orcas, which hunt for porpoises, seals, and other marine mammals. You may also see pods of gray whales traveling through the region. Have your camera ready—spotting these mammoth creatures leaping through the water beside your boat is a sight you'll want to capture.

How to Go
There are plenty of whale watching trips that depart from Vancouver—these excursions last anywhere from three hours to a full day and often feature an on-board naturalist who can tell you about British Columbia's ecology. If you have time to spare, consider combining whale watching with a visit to the charming city of Victoria on Vancouver Island. You can get there by seaplane, ferry, or the whale watching boat itself.
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