Madonna dell’Orto Church

Madonna dell’Orto Church
The Church of the Madonna dell’Orto is a small church in Venice, built in the 14th century by a religious order that no longer exists. Roughly 100 years after it was built, it was taken over by a different congregation. After another 200 years, the church was again taken over by another religious order, and in 1787 the church fell under public administration.

The Madonna dell’Orto church was reopened in 1868 and has undergone several restorations in the 20th century. While the church is officially dedicated to Saint Christopher, it’s most commonly known by its nickname, “Madonna dell’Orto” - “Madonna of the Orchard.” The name comes from a statue of the Virgin Mary that was commissioned for a different church in the 15th century, rejected by that church, and left in a nearby orchard. The supposedly miraculous statue was brought to the church that would later bear its name, and the statue is still on display in the St. Mauro Chapel.

Artwork inside the Madonna dell’Orto includes work by Tintoretto, Bellini, and Molinari. Tintoretto is also buried in this church, which is in the Cannaregio sestiere.
Adress: Cannareggio, 3512, Venice, Province of Venice 30121, Italien
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