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Kvällstur i Beijing med akrobatikshow och bankett med pekinganka

Beijing, Kina

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Upplev dina sinnen på spektakulära sevärdheterna i en akrobatisk show och den spännande smaken av Peking duck under en spännande 4-timmars upplevelse i Peking. Ät middag på en utsökt bankett som består av signatur Peking specialitet, Peking duck, och njut av en kväll med förtrollande underhållning från en grupp av begåvade akrobater. Förundra sig flexibiliteten hos akrobatiken som en elegant prestanda unravels bredvid melodisk musik. Njut av bekväm transport från utvalda hotell i Beijing på denna turné.
  • Kombinerad Peking duck bankett och kinesisk akrobat troupe underhållning i Peking
  • Insikter i Peking berömda maträtt
  • Mesmeriserande akrobatiska prestanda från den begåvade truppen
  • Engelsktalande guide
  • Pickup och släpp av från centrala Beijing hotell
Avgår från ditt centralt belägna hotell i Peking och reser till en plats som rymmer majestätet av bra mat och elkultur. Ta en plats vid ett utsökt bord och njut av din smak med en fest av Peking duck. känna din munvatten som du ser saftig strimlad anka bredvid delikata pannkakor och rik hoi sinsås.

Sated, luta dig tillbaka och behandla dina sinnen till färg och karisma av en imponerande akrobatisk show; förundras över den fascinerande flexibiliteten hos gymnaster och akrobater, eftersom de utför perfekt koreograferade rörelser till eleganta musikaliska nummer.

Lämpligt imponerad av den gamla konstformen, återvänd till ditt fordon och åka tillbaka till ditt hotell i Peking.



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Omdömen från Viators resenärer
Not what I expected
, jul 2018
The tour guide was very personable and we always felt safe and had a good time. The problems we had just seemed a bit odd. One - the time we were to meet our guide and the time of the show suddenly changed 24 hours prior to the show - so its lucky that we were flexible enough to still attend. Two - we were asked on our way to the show if we would like to upgrade our tickets for an additional 100 Yuan per person, however, the guide could not tell us where our seats already were, so we felt a bit put on the spot to upgrade without having enough information to make that kind of a decision. Three - and most importantly, we were really looking forward to our Peking Duck Dinner Experience - which was an absolute total bust! We were ushered into the basement of the restaurant and given a table outside the kitchen. We were told we could each have one drink - so three of us ordered beer. When the bottle of beer arrived, the waitress poured the one bottle of beer into three juice glasses - and that was our ONE free drink. We ate at SEVERAL restaurants during our trip to Beijing - and this was by far below the rest. The waitress was rude and dismissive and the food was bland and non-memorable. We had really been looking forward to this evening and it was not the experience that we had hoped for. I would not recommend spending the money.
this is a cant miss event, the...
douglas p
, feb 2018
this is a cant miss event, the acrobatic show was better than anything you could see in las vegas, incredibly talented performers who in the peak season do this three times a day! amazing on every level for sure. the peking duck dinner was heavenly, with all the accompaniments to go with it. honestly it would have fed three people easily,no problem. dont miss it!!
The show itself was great! The venue...
, jan 2018
The show itself was great! The venue was ok, but very crowded. Our party of six could not sit together but no couples were separated. The dinner afterward was great! Plenty of food and our guide was fantastic. If you’re visiting this country for the first time you may want to add this to your list
Pecking Duck Banquet was an awful...
, okt 2017
Pecking Duck Banquet was an awful experience, poorly executed by the tour company. The acrobatic show was nice. First we were taken to the show. The show in itself is gorgeous and mesmerizing, although the theater is dirty chairs, floor, entrance, all dirty and poorly maintained. We were asked on-site to pay an extra 20 USD aprox. per person in local currency to upgrade our seats to a better ones, which we declined and still got good sits. Afterwards we were taken to a restaurant that is not a Beijing Duck restaurant we know this because we booked other tours with the same company and had already been taken to this restaurant. They served us regular Chinese food dishes, and brought the Duck afterwards. It was cold, prepared in other site, wrapped in vinyl plastic, not fresh, tasteless, and not good at all. Fortunately we had visited a traditional Beijing Duck restaurant days before this tour and experienced a Beijing Duck meal in its entire splendor. We left the venue completely dissatisfied.
I want to start by saying that I've...
Carey C
, sep 2017
I want to start by saying that I've had wonderful tours with Viator and our guide and driver on this tour were wonderful. The problem was the show and restaurant were really not. I think the issue was simply that we were the only people on the tour which made the choice of the show and Peking Duck dinner probably difficult to book for the host tour company that Viator uses. The show came first and when we entered we were told that to sit up near the front we would have to pay extra. We did. The show was fine but we were told by the rest of the people in our river cruise group that the show they went to was wonderful. The restaurant selected for the Peking Duck dinner was really sub par and and pretty far out in a suburb. The duck was not crisp and the meal really wasn't good, though the server was very nice and tried hard. I need to add here that we would have happily taken the river cruise optional tours offered but were told that they were sold out which turned out to not be true. But that was why we booked the dinner and show with Viator before leaving for the cruise. We were then comped by our cruise director for the Peking Dinner they offered and it was really so far superior that I was amazed. Perhaps if we hadn't gone on the Peking Duck tour option we wouldn't have known the difference, but I've worked in many and owned a restaurant and I know food and have actually had some pretty good Peking duck in the states so this restaurant on the Viator tour was really lacking without a doubt.
We were the only Caucasians in the...
Patricia C
, maj 2017
We were the only Caucasians in the room, and felt very uncomfortable. The house was packed with the Chinese. Somehow we thought that there would be more people like us tourist in attendance. The show started with an act in Chinese, which we didn't understand at all, and in fact left to find out why we were not getting the Acrobatic show. They explained it was a beginning act, and that we would eventually see the act we paid to see. When we returned to our seats, they were taken. Fortunately a person behind us Chinese, who could speak no English got the person to move. Also we thought this was an evening event but it was in the afternoon. Again we thought it started with a Peking Duck dinner, but dinner was after the show. We assumed the dinner would be served in the same venue, it was not. We were taken to a restaurant, on the lower level, by ourselves with no one else present, which again made us feel very uncomfortable. The dinner was acceptable, but when we had a Peking Duck dinner later on our trip, this dinner was far less palatable. I would not recommend this event to a Westerner. None of the audience went to this dinner. The show was fine, but everything that led up to it, made us concerned.
I was the only one on this tour and...
, maj 2017
I was the only one on this tour and was terribly uncomfortable when I discovered this. My tour guide was very caring and made sure I didn't get lost in the crowds of people attending this show, but he also made absolutely no effort to chat to me on the journey there or back. I also, of course, went for the Peking Duck Banquet on my own and although the food was very good, I was so uncomfortable eating alone in a restaurant where everyone else was with a party that I'm surprised I was able to eat anything at all. I would have much rather been given the option of cancelling after been told that I was the only one on the tour. The acrobatic show was amazing and really worth seeing, but being on my own, I just felt like a spare part. I was back in my hotel at 8.30 - done and dusted!
Ive been in many shows and this is...
Andres C
, apr 2017
Ive been in many shows and this is one of the top three I ever seen. The Duck Banquet was not a banquet but doesn't matter when you had the best duck in town.
The acrobatic show was nice and it...
Alicia B
, apr 2017
The acrobatic show was nice and it was very neat to see the strength and talent of the performers. Our tour guide, Michael, hardly spoke to us during the ride to and from the show. After the show, we were driven a ways to a duck restaurant where we were sat at a table in the hallway, given our food and ignored. We were given the option of coke, water or beer but if you got beer you couldn't also get a water, only one so we all opted for coke to be safe. We were given a small glass with 4-6 oz. of coke. A guy did come out and show us the proper way to eat the duck but I was expecting the duck to be carved at our table and it was not. Once all of our food was served, we were basically ignored. I wanted more to drink so finally got someone's attention and was told more coke would cost 15 RMB or about 2.20 for a can of coke so I said OK. I didn't know if this would be paid for by our tour guide or not since it was part of our dinner but it was not. We mentioned this restaurant on our tour the next day and that tour guide said I'm sorry, I don't take people there and told the couple we were with he would be taking them to a much better restaurant so it sounds like the tour guides take their tours to eat wherever they choose. We also ate at this same restaurant 2 days later with another tour guide though we were not placed at a table in the hallway.
The show was good, a few of the...
, jan 2017
The show was good, a few of the stuts were dangerous but fun to watch. I give this only 3 stars because, the dinner was average. I read other reviews which sounded much better and it seemed others have had better experience. One review read that the chef curved the duck on their table, but all we got was a plate of duck and a girl came over to show us how to wrap it - as if we don't know how to put some duck on pancakes! We could have done this our by ourselves without a guide. The original pick up time was 5pm, but the guide range at 2:30 to say she was waiting at hotel reception already!

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