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Cancún Super Saver: Exklusiva turer till Chichen Itzá och Cobá med tidigt inträde under ledning av en arkeolog

Cancún, Mexiko

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Upptäck två av Yucatáns mest spännande arkeologiska platser från mayatiden – UNESCO-listade Chichén Itzá och Cobá – båda platserna besöks med guidning av en erfaren arkeolog. Välj vilken av ruinerna du vill besöka först och få sedan tidigt inträde till båda två, uppdelat på två dagar, vilket innebär att du har dem praktiskt taget för dig själv. Utforska Jaguarernas tempel, gå upp på den mäktiga pyramiden Nohoch Mul och lär dig massor om den forntida mayakulturen under tiden. I den här exklusiva supersparkombinationsresan ingår även ett uppfriskande dopp i ett naturligt slukhål.
  • Njut av två bästsäljande Viator Exclusive-turer från Cancun till rabatterat pris
  • Få det mesta av tidig tillgång till Chichen Itza och Coba, och utforska utan massorna
  • Lär dig spännande fakta om antika Maya-civilisationen från en certifierad arkeologguide
  • Besök El Castillo, Jaguars tempel och mer på Chichen Itza
  • Utforska den arkeologiska zonen på Coba och klättra Nohoch Mul Pyramid, Yucatánhalvans största pyramid
  • Kall ner med en dopp i en cenote och gräva in på en mexikansk buffémåltid
  • Denna Viator Exclusive Super Saver finns inte någon annanstans!


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Omdömen från Viators resenärer
One of the best tours I've ever...
, jun 2017
One of the best tours I've ever done. I'm very glad I got there early. By the time we were place was packed.
I had a problem with the...
Anon Traveler
, mar 2017
I had a problem with the communication from Amigo Tours. They never sent me a confirmation email, therefore I had to call them a couple of days before the first tour which was supposed to be going to Coba. They told me that the Coba tour had been cancelled because there weren't enough people, and I would have to switch the Coba day with the Chichen Itza day. That wasn't a problem, but if I hadn't called them, I wouldn't have known and could've possibly missed one of my tour days. If you are buying this 2 day tour PLEASE CALL BEFOREHAND TO CONFIRM your tour date. CHICHEN ITZA TOUR: The early access is well worth it, as it gets REALLY busy by the time you start to leave. The only problem is that, because the purpose is to avoid the crowds, you only get a limited amount of time at Chichen Itza and don't get to see all of it. Our original guide Frank was very knowledgeable and friendly. Once inside we decided to split from the English-speaking group led by Frank, and go with the smaller Spanish-speaking group led by a different guide whom I can't remember his name. The second guide was very knowledgeable and friendly as well, and you could tell he was passionate about the place. COBA TOUR: You do get to see all of the Coba site and climb up to the top of one of the pyramids the view is awesome. Our tour group was small 9 people, which made it real easy to communicate with our tour guide. The guide was very nice, but I think he was embellishing some of the Mayan related information he was giving us. He did mention that this year is supposed to be the last year that people will be able to climb up to the pyramid, so if you plan on visiting, I suggest you do it soon. During the tour you will rent bicycles for a small fee i think it was 20 pesos, or you can be like me and my wife and take a 2-seater Mayan Limousine : , as the guide called it driven by one of the workers there more on that later. The driver can't remember his name either was a local who had grown up in the area and helped elaborate/correct some of the information the guide was giving us, which added to the experience. The reason we had to take the Mayan Limousine is because my wife was not going to be able to pedal. She fell on the steps of the bus that picked us up because they had some wet rags on the steps! I don't know why they had that on the steps of the bus, but my wife fell on her back and was in real pain. We were scared that she might've messed up her back as she couldn't stand up straight for a few minutes. She got a nasty bruise on her back, and she still needs to go to her doctors appointment to make sure there is no serious damage. The second part of the Coba tour is the visit to the Cenote. Our group arrived there before anyone else, and had the cenote all to ourselves the whole time we were there. It was an awesome experience. It actually seemed to have helped alleviate my wife's back pain for the rest of the day. I have nothing else to say about it, you have to experience it yourself. Despite the problems with the communication from Amigo tours and my wife's accident, I still give this tour 4 stars because of the attentive guides and overall experience.
The poor rating is for Viator and...
, jan 2017
The poor rating is for Viator and Amigo Tours, not the locations. We booked three tours with Viator in December 2016 and they either didn't deliver what was promised or made a scheduling mistake. You pay this website and there is nobody to support you. There is no phone number for Viator and they take 12 hours to answer an urgent email. Book the trip directly at the hotel or hire a cab and organize your own trip. This 2-day trip with Amigo Tours was a disaster. Our Coba tour started out with two extended periods of waiting around for various buses. In the end, they put our family of four and another couple in an old cab. This was our tour. The cab driver did not speak a word of English. Fortunately, the sweet couple with us was originally from Mexico so they helped us out. Coba is awesome. We liked it more than Chichen Itza. The archaeologist promised in the description was a bored young guy. He rattled off some info in English then in Spanish and then we were on our own. The cenote was the highlight of the day. We went to Tankach-Ha sp? in case you are trying to organize on your own. Lunch was great, sweet restaurant owner. On the next day we went to Chichen Itza. The bus was over 30 min late for pick-up. After the delay, we ended up waiting somewhere else for a long time for a different bus. Some of us were told that the delay was due to flooding others were told that one of the buses got into an accident... It took us 4.5 hours from the meeting time to get to Chichen Itza. All this time no chance to go to the bathroom or get a sip of water. Once getting to the already crowded ruins, there was a 30 min delay getting our tickets. It was not an early access tour after all, even after getting up at 4:30 a.m. The archaeologist here was a sweet old man who knew a lot about the Mayans. There was about 40 of us so we could barely hear anything. There were some inconsistencies in what he said, we ended up getting answers from our phones. At the end of the tour he really wanted to differentiate himself from the tour operator. He said he was asked in the last minute to be our guide and he has never seen such a disorganized tour before. Unfortunately, our visit was too short at this location because of all the delays. Once we got back on the bus an Amigo tour guide stopped by from a different bus? and told us that he doesn't know why our bus doesn't have a guide we only had the driver, again, but that is not the driver's fault and we should still tip him. !!! That was all his contribution. The lunch this day was more like an insult, enough said. Amigo Tours ruined two days of our vacation. And all this for a lot of money. All they did was load us on buses and old cabs so they can keep our money. There were no guides during either day and zero follow-ups on all the delays. They deserve to go out of business. It reflects very poorly on Viator to be selling tours like these. The summary: go to Coba and a cenote, go to Chichen Itza if you have more time. Stay far away from Amigo and Viator! Very far!
The Chichen Itza tour was good. The...
Irene H
, jan 2017
The Chichen Itza tour was good. The bus was clean and we enjoyed our guide. That said, nothing was led by an archaeologist. The Coba tour never showed up.
The trip was excellent and I enjoyed...
Lee K
, apr 2016
The trip was excellent and I enjoyed the guides Freddie and Arturo. It was nice to get to these sites before the crowds closed in.
My only suggestion would be an extra...
Natalia L
, mar 2016
My only suggestion would be an extra hour at Chichen Itza, and for lunch local food not a sandwich. Otherwise the guides where amazing
Early access is definitely the best...
Mark S S
, mar 2016
Early access is definitely the best way to see these ruins. In both cases, we were finishing up our tours just as the crowds were arriving. Coba was our first tour, and there was only ourselves and one other couple. We arrived just as the gates were opening, and the sun was starting to peek over the trees. It was absolutely magical walking through the ruins with only the birds calling overhead. After our time at Coba was up, we were taken to a local cenote for a swim. This particular cenote was completely underground, and deep enough that platforms were provided at various heights to jump in if you dared. Once our refreshing swim was over, we were taken to a lovely local restaurant in Coba village for a buffet lunch overlooking the lake. A perfect relaxing ending to a perfect day. The next day was our tour of Chichen Itza. Frank, our tour guide, is passionate and knowledgeable about his heritage. Again we arrived before the crowds, a blessing because approximately 12,000 people visit the city every day. Frank made sure that we didn't miss a thing, and answered every question patiently and with good humour. He allowed us a large block of free time to wander the ruins by ourselves, but all too soon, our 3 hours was up. What made it easier to leave were the thousands of sightseers we suddenly realized were now around us, when we had had the entire city to ourselves earlier. We found Amigo Tours the company running the tours to be well organized in picking up their guests and sorting them onto their various buses for various locations for the day. We were well cared for on both tours, and would do this again in a heartbeat!
Chichenitza tour was...
, jun 2015
Chichenitza tour was good. Coba tour: air conditioning of the shuttle bus did not function, the driver had to open the windows but it was still very hot inside the bus. The tour itself was good.
S'il y a bien une excursion à ne pas...
, sep 2015
S'il y a bien une excursion à ne pas rater c'est celle à Chichėn Itzá. La pyramide de Kukulkán est le joyau de ce pays. Et même si on ne peut plus l'escalader, cette dernière vaut le détour. Il y a d'autres monuments et ruines à contempler sur le site. Mieux vaut arriver très tôt le matin pour ne pas être confronté à l'afflux de touristes. Nous avons effectué cette visite avec un guide sympathique et plein d'humour, Freddy. Pour Coba, si vous ne prévoyez pas de grimper sur l'un des temples qui offre à son sommet une vue imprenable sur la jungle, il n'est peut-être pas utile de suivre cette visite. Il n'y a pas grand-chose à découvrir sur ce site. Pour chacune de nos visites, nous avons fait appel à un guide. Avec du recul, nous ne sommes pas convaincus qu'il faille systématiquement faire appel à eux. Car malgré leur grand professionnalisme, ils répètent tous la même chose d'un site à l'autre. Pour la simple et bonne raison que la majorité des sources sur l'histoire des mayas a été détruite. Les guides effectuent les visites en anglais et en espagnol. Si de manière générale, nous sommes assez satisfaits de ces visites, nous avons été déçus de l'organisme chargé de les mettre sur pied : Amigotours. Nous avions réservé ces excursions quelques jours avant notre départ pour le Mexique dans l'espoir d'être tranquilles sur place. En vain... Il était indiqué sur le site de l'organisme que nous devions recevoir un mail la veille de chaque visite mentionnant l'heure du déplacement. Nous n'avions jamais rien eu. Nous avons perdu un temps fou à les contacter par mail, par téléphone. Dès que nous les avions en ligne, nous avions droit à plusieurs excuses pour écourter la conversation : on ne parle pas français, on ne parle pas anglais, on ne peut pas vous renseigner de suite... Nous avons dû les menacer de débarquer dans leur agence via le réceptionniste de l'hôtel. Cet organisme manque de sérieux et de professionnalisme. Vu le prix payé, c'est honteux !
Plus que satisfait! On arrive aux...
Dardenne A
, jul 2015
Plus que satisfait! On arrive aux excursions à l'ouverture et donc peu de touristes ce qui donne l'occasion de faire de magnifiques photos. Le seul problème entre guillemets pour nous était le guide en Anglais mais si vous vous débrouillez il y a moyen de comprendre sans trop se casser la tête. 2 excursions que je vous conseille fortement!

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