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Tidigt inträde: biljett till Sixtinska kapellet och Vatikanmuseerna

Roma, Italien

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Med denna biljett som ger tidigt inträde till kapellet och resten av Vatikanmuseerna, kan du stå inne i Sixtinska kapellet 30 minuter innan det öppnar för allmänheten. Det här är en exklusiv möjlighet att beundra Michelangelos berömda takfresk och hans andra verk i en stillsam och trängselfri omgivning. När du lämnar kapellet kan du sedan utforska museernas andra rum och gallerier, till exempel Rafaels rum, i din egen takt, plus att du slipper köerna.
  • Tidig tillgång till det sixtinska kapellet - före andra turer och för allmänheten
  • Gå rakt igenom museerna till Sixtinska kapellet med din engelsktalande eskort
  • Njut av Michelangelo mästerverk innan folkmassan anländer
  • Ta dig tid att utforska Vatikanmuseet så länge du vill
  • Dela upplevelsen med en liten grupp

Därför väljer resenärer den här rundturen

Var bland de första människorna i dagen i det sixtinska kapellet med denna biljett.
Ditt äventyr i Vatikanstaten startar tidigt på morgonen när du strålar samman med din guide utanför Vatikanmuseerna. Promenera in och gå direkt till Sixtinska kapellet, påvens privata kyrka, som vanligtvis är det sista som visas under en rundtur i museikomplexet. Med den här biljetten får du komma in i kapellet som en av dagens första besökare, vilket ger dig möjlighet att njuta av det utan att trängas.
Låt dig hänföras av Michelangelos berömda takfresk, Adams skapelse, såväl som Den yttersta domen, hans blå fresk som pryder kapellets bakre vägg. Det är inte tillåtet att prata inne i kapellet, så du får lära dig om dessa renässansmästerverk innan du går in.
När det är dags att lämna kapellet kan du fortsätta att utforska Vatikanmuseerna med din inträdesbiljett och karta. Gå runt på egen hand och beundra den världsberömda konstsamlingen som är en av de största i världen och inkluderar verk av mästare som Rafael. Några av de populära rum du garanterat vill besöka inkluderar kartgalleriet, gobelänggalleriet och Rafaels rum. Med allt från klassiska statyer till etruskiska föremål och renässansmålningar är detta himmelriket för en konstälskare.
Du kan tillbringa så mycket tid du vill härinne innan du själv lämnar rummet.



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Omdömen från Viators resenärer
A Quick Way to Enter the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museum
Jonathan K
, jul 2019
If you want to be one of the first to walk through the Vatican museum and into the Sistine Chapel then take this tour. The tour part is simply a guide walking you to the chapel through the museum. The process takes about 30 minutes and during that time the guide will be sharing historical information with you. As you walk through the museum the guide will talk about some of the things you see but there will be no time for pictures as you are constantly walking towards the chapel. It is quite cool to walk through the hall of maps when it is completely empty. The one catch is that the chapel doesn't open until 8am. So your group will be the first one to enter, however, there will be a line of people behind you as you enter. Once you enter the chapel your guide will be done with the tour. It was still worth the money in my opinion. My wife and I then enjoyed walking around the Vatican museum when it was still relatively empty.
Great quick tour
, jul 2019
This was a great tour to see the sistine chapel with a low volume of people. There are 100 more groups doing the same thing but it's not a zoo like it is at 9am. We enjoyed our guide giving us a quick tour down the most important artifacts of the Vatican museum. Just to clarify you dont need to pick up your ticket ahead of time. Just download it and the tour group will check you in at the steps in front of the museum. Deff worth the extra money and early rise!
Fantastic tour
, jul 2019
The tour was really well organised with easy and near the start. The guide was brilliant. The radio headphones made things even better. We went on the 7:20 tour so we virtually had the place to ourselves. I’d recommend that as we got caught up in the crush later visiting other parts and were shoulder to shoulder
A bit disappointed
Emma H
, jul 2019
I feel that it would have been better to get a cheaper skip-the-lines ticket and get an audiotour instead. Our guide was quite lovely, but the tour was barely more than being shown how to get to the Chapel from the entrance, which would have been fine if we'd got there first, as advertised. There were already lots of people at the Sistine Chapel by the time we got there. I think a lot of time was lost trying to fix technical problems with the audio equipment. All the seats were taken. So I'm not sure it was worth paying for the guide to walk us there. She left us at the Chapel even though the tour details say the 'tour' ends at St Peters Square. The instructions she gave for getting to St Peters Basilica were too vague and forgettable for someone unfamiliar with Vatican City, so we didn't make it there in the end. She wasn't sure if the entry to the Basilica was included in the tour, but it was clear I wasn't the only person in the group under the impression that it was supposed to be. I read later that it looks like Jesus' eyes follow you in one of the tapestries we walked past. That would have been cool to see but it wasn't pointed out to us.
For those short on time or hate crowds!
, jul 2019
We were the first ones in so avoiding the huge crowds was awesome. Our guide on June 26th was very knowledgeable and nice. My son and I were on a time crunch in Europe and had this tour not been available we would not have seen the Vatican at all. Also know that if you choose this on a Wednesday with hopes of seeing the Basilica in the a.m. too you will be disappointed. On Wednesdays the Basilica opens after 12 p.m. due to the Pope (or his security) utilizing this area while the Pope has an outdoor service at 1030 a.m. Unfortunately we could not see either but did get to see the area (part of museum) before and after arriving at the Sistine Chapel. I did get some great pictures due to only my group being in there. My only negative was my headset would work sometimes. I did miss some info but due to small group I could hear a lot of what the Guide was saying. I didnt want to hold everyone up so I didnt say anything to the CityWonders Guide but Im sure he would have helped. Being in before the general public was amazing!
Literally the first!
, jul 2019
Was with the first group to enter the Sistine Chapel for the day. It is definitely a magical moment to see the intricate details of Michaelangelo's masterpiece with only a dozen or so other people. Spend as much time as you want from any vantage point to awe in the beauty of the images and really study the story that is being told. The tour also gives you free access to see the museums for the whole day. Once the general public make it in, the place is an absolute zoo! tried to see the Sistine Chapel again, but it was absolutely packed which makes it hard to look up without getting bumped. 100% recommended if you are not a fan of lines, or really want time to take it all in.
Sistine Chapel Exclusive First Entry Tour
, jun 2019
This was a great way to see the Sistine Chapel with out the crowds. We were the first group in that morning and we could sit and look at it peacefully. The guide gave us a very quick walk through of some of the other parts as we rushed through to get to the chapel. Once in the chapel the tour was over. We did not get a tour of the rest of the museums and we could not go into St Peter's Basilica because it was Wednesday when the Pope is in there. So the actual talking part of the tour was only about 30 mis. Great way to get in early, but a little pricey for just that, and don't go on a Wednesday.
Donna E
, jun 2019
The earlier the better! Short lines and no problems. The tour was short but informative. It was really nice to be one of the first groups through the chapel.
Short and sweet yet awesome tour
, jun 2019
This is not a full tour of the Vatican but straight forward and to the point. We got to see the famous sites. My guide spoke great English and had a sincere passion for the subject matter. The tour started on time and the crowds were minimal. Definitely worth getting there extra early.
, jun 2019
Great tour guide succinct and competent says it all . Left you ready for more . Great tour highly recommend.

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