Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
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Israels religiösa höjdpunkter är överväldigande med utspridda. Res mellan sevärdheterna på ett smidigt sätt från Tel Aviv på en 12,5-timmars lång sightseeingtur som täcker Jeriko, Qasr al Yehud, Döda havet och den gamla stadsdelen i Jerusalem. Se höjdpunkterna i gamla Jeriko, bada i Döda havet, följ med på en sightseeingtur i den gamla stadsdelen i Jerusalem, som är uppdela i muslimska, kristna, judiska och Armeniska kvarter och besök Födelsekyrkan, som kristna anser är födelseplatsen för Jesus Kristus.

  • 12,5-timmars tur till fyra israeliska höjdpunkter från Tel Aviv
  • Perfekt för resenärer som har ont om tid och ett intresse för Israels religiösa arv
  • Upptäck de antika monumenten i Jeriko och den gamla staden Jerusalem
  • Flyt i Döda havet och sola på den privata stranden
  • Besök Födelsekyrkan, som av kristna anses vara födelseplatsen för Jesus Kristus
  • Res mellan sevärdheterna i ett luftkonditionerat fordon

Gå upp tidigt och möt guiden vid Grand Beach Hotel, som ligger i centrala Tel Aviv, i god tid vid kl. 06.30. Efter en 1,5-timmes resa med audioguidning anländer du i Jeriko och ger dig ut på en tur i den forntida staden, som innehåller 9 000-år gamla lämningar från neolitiska perioden.

Efter att ha besökt Qasr al Yehud, en viktig dopplats vid Jordanfloden fortsätter resan till en privat strand vid Döda havet där du kan flyta i det salta vattnet i en av planetens lägsta punkter.

Sedan färdas du genom Judeens gyllene öken till Jerusalem, där du får en guidad rundtur i den gamla stadsdelen. Staden är delad i fyra olika kvarter för kristna, judar, muslimer och Armeniska religioner och daterad till 1004 och är fylld av pilgrimsplatser.

Rundturen avslutas med ett besök i Födelsekyrkan som finns på UNESCO:s världsarvslista och anses av kristna vara födelseplatsen för Jesus Kristus.

Vid återkomsten till Tel Aviv lämnas du vid avgångsplatsen ca kl. 19.00.


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, okt 2018

Bra guidning men onödigt forcerat tempo med 0 paus mellan 06.30 och 14.00 samt ingen dricka i bussar och dålig förhandsinformation om hur det hela var upplagt,såsom byte av bussar osv

, dec 2018

I am a frequent traveler and I have had some bad experiences as much as good ones, but this one was simply a disaster. Poorly guided and organized, the guide did not speak good English, drivers and guides were constantly fighting. Visitors are never aware of what is going on and when we asked, the guides were extremely rude. It is a shame the low lever of service this company provides.

, sep 2018

We enjoyed this trip very much.Our guids and drivers were very professional and fun people to spend the day with.Also, we were lucky to meet and to be with great persons(tourists) in this trip.The grup was perfect the guids the same,it was really a very good day. Thank you for the awesome day.

, sep 2018

The trip itself was amazing but the guide and the company who arranged this was not. Elijah spelled differently was not a very good host in fact actually biased. He thought that there were no Muslims on the tour but he was wrong so I felt alienated at times. Then the company screwed up my arrangements by having me taxi to Jerusalem their suggestion to be picked up for sake of time and totally forgot about it when it came to take us to our hotel in Tel Aviv. We were embarrassed and treated horribly except for the woman that I spoke with on the phone who told me that this should never of happened. Do the tour but with a better vendor.

, aug 2018

It was great tour to get to know a bit more of Jerusalem. I wished we had spend a bit more time in Bethlehem and definitely and I would like to had gone to different area of the Dead Sea because in the area we were it seem too overrun and not well taken care off. The driver as well as both tour guide were amazing!

, maj 2018

The tour guide picked us up and then said we needed to get another vehicle as the vehicle we had was not working properly. We had to go get another vehicle from your company and detour for a while.
The tour guide said there was an issue with the Giro bike tour and had to re park and re route the tour again. He was driving and giving the tour at the same time. He was driving erratically and looking at his GPS On his phone and talking on his phone and driving at the same time. He got lost at least 2-3 times. He then parked and we had to walk for a long time and take public transportation which he said there was no charge for but then got scared when they were checking for tickets and made us get off. He picked up a family with a 9 month old baby and 3 older women in their 70s and said that they were joining our tour. He walked very fast and did not check if people were following him. He lost people at the wailing wall and did not even notice until AFTER lunch which was hours later and we had to wait again because he needed to go look for them. He then found them and we continued our tour of Jerusalem but Lost the family with the baby and 3 older ladies and we had to wait AGAIN because he did not realize he left them behind and we were waiting for at least 45 minutes by the train and did not know when or if he was coming back. He seemed frustrated and did not explain anything right. People could not hear him or understand him. He did not make sure people were following him let alone understand him. Finally he came back and then said we were not going to have time to go to Bethlehem which was part of the tour. He took us to the Dead Sea and then said he was going to pick us up after about an hour and then lied to the tour company and said he told us 2 hours when I called and complained because he was not there to pick us up. After picking us up from the Dead Sea, he seemed frustrated with our group and was sweating and mumbling to himself and got us on the vehicle missing some people again and bumped a cement structure with the vehicle in the parking lot so that vehicle is probably damaged. He was upset over this accident and then sped up with us inside the vehicle with a 9 month old baby and then hit his brakes suddenly almost causing the baby to fly off the arms of her mother because he was about to run into some pedestrians crossing the street.
I feel compelled to write this because I am very upset about this. This was by far one of the WORST experiences I've had in a tour. We all left the vehicle and had to get on a bus because the man was not well enough to drive.

, apr 2018

Amazing for those with limited time. Had a great time.

, jan 2018

This tour was disappointing, and mostly in part to the day's schedule. The pickup process was smooth, but required us to change buses at a location with many different buses, which was confusing and disorienting. We had a different tour guide for each part of the tour, which made it difficult to maintain continuity. We started at the Dead Sea private beach, where we were immediately greeted by a gift shop presentation. We were not told about the ability to rent towels or toiletries until the end of the tour, which would have been helpful at the start. From the Dead Sea, we went directly to Jerusalem, where we met our 2nd tour guide. We spent approximately two hours in Jerusalem, and felt incredibly rushed. We were unable to stop at any of the local shops, and we were not able to view any of the sites closely. We had particularly wanted to see the site of the Crucifixition and Jesus' burial site, but were told we did not have time. When we arrived at the Western Wall, we were given 10 minutes to use the restroom and/or pray, and one of our tour mates was left behind because he missed the 10 minute mark. We repeatedly told our tour guide to wait for him, and she refused. We went to Bethlehem, where we met our 3rd tour guide, and he took us directly to a gift shop where we spent approximately 30 minutes. Our actual visit to the Church of the Nativity barely lasted 10 minutes.

This tour was very disappointing and I would not recommend it. We were not given time for lunch or even a snack, which makes lasting through a full-day tour very difficult. We were taken to three different gift shops where we were encouraged to buy from Good Christian families, and then rushed through the actual tour sites. Perhaps ifthe time at the gift shops was reduced or eliminated, we would have had more time to visit the things we paid to see.

, jan 2018

This tour was definitely highlight of my Israeli trip!
I overslept on my bus tour and I got completely panicked but they were so kind to book me on the tour next day!!!
Thank you so much for your flexibility!!
Highly recommend!!

, jan 2018

What a great tour! I wasn't really prepared for the cold weather but what an informative tour. I was able to use the information I learned and returned the next day to do some more exploring on my own. Our driver was the best! Mohammed was just perfect!. I wished we had more time in these places, it felt a bit rushed towards the end especially Jerusalem...but I was able to use the information to guide my own way thru the city the following day. The next time I go back, I will for sure book a Fun-Time tour! Thanks

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