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joanne w

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
July 2016

Fun trip!

Robyn P

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
June 2016

A super awesome day! Grant tour guide and Eric tour guide in training were very friendly, courteous and patient. Grant's knowledge of the island extensive. Didn't want the day to end.

Amos L

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
February 2016

We enjoyed ourselves and it was an experience to remember! Thanks very much :

Linda R

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
January 2016

I had a great time. The 2 guides that led us on the activities were very sure that we had a safe and fun time. Lunch was a healthy make you own and easy to eat on the beach. I would highly recommend this tour company. It is a very active, fast pace tour.


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
December 2015

Enjoyed the entire day! Lots of fun even for this Granny. I did the sandboarding, snorkeling and kayaking! Our guides were great! Lunch was nice.

Choon Hong L

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
September 2015

Highly recommend this trip, simply awesome. The tour guides Matt and Bob from Sunsetsafaris are caring, funny, and responsible.They not only taking care of the fun making of the trip, they do care about your safety as well, really appreciate their patient and caring especially during the snorkeling, as we are not a good swimmer.

The sandborading is a must-try thing in Moreton island! There is one suggestion I can give, probably the participants could be provided a safety goggle during sandboarding, to prevent the sand went into eyes, especially for those who are wearing contact lens, it will be useful.

Mark W

4 star rating: Recommended
May 2017

The trip started off a bit chaotic with staff not really speaking to anyone or getting involved. however, once at the island the and #34;boss and #34; took over and things improved dramatically... Great sand boarding, kayaking and diving. A fab time around the sunken ships, thankfully the trip finished on a high n

Rick C

4 star rating: Recommended
April 2017

Great day trip from Brisbane for the whole family. The snorkeling was fantastic... lots of very cool fish. The Sandboarding wasn't great... long ride out for only a few runs down the hill and the majority of the people in our group could not even gain enough speed to make it down the whole thing. Great lunch on the beach and the clear Kayaks were fun as well.

Karen A

4 star rating: Recommended
March 2017

For the trip to Moreton Island, we were picked up in the Gold Coast. The bus driver that picked us up was very friendly and on-time. From the Gold Coast, we went to Brisbane to pick up other passengers. The bus ride from the Gold Coast to Brisbane was very loud and bumpy. The ferry ride was 1.5 hours long. We purchased snacks and drinks while aboard the ferry. Once we arrived on Moreton Island, we started immediately with the kayaking - it was a nice way to ease into the day. After kayaking, we put on wet suits, flippers, gloves, and a mask for snorkeling. Two guides lead us around in the snorkeling area, so we could see the most number of fish. I have been snorkeling all around the world, and the fish on Moreton Island were abundant but not exotic. After snorkeling, we had a picnic lunch which consisted of make-your-own-sandwiches. The lunch was very informal - no plates, no salads, no napkins - only sandwiches. There were multiple choices of meats and toppings. The food was very fresh. The only drink choice was non-chilled water from a large thermos. After lunch, we piled into a 4x4 bus for a 30 minute drive through the sand to the desert for sandboarding. The sandboarding was very fun, but it was a little rough on the body. You must traverse the hill on your stomach, so your mid-section feels very bump. Some people got a face full of sand. After sandboarding, we piled into the bus for another 30 minute drive back to the beach. After 15 minutse of swimming, it was time to board the ferry for our return trip.

If I were to take this tour again, I would arrange my own transportation from the Gold Coast to Brisbane because I could not tolerate the loud, bumpy bus ride. Also, I would ask for more time snorkeling and less time in the kayak. Lastly, drink options such as bottled water, juice, etc. at lunch would have been nice.

Moreton Island is absolutely beautiful!

Shelly S

3 star rating: Worth doing
January 2017

Not good value for money. Most of the staff are excellent and friendly. Sand boarding very disappointing and guide in need of a lot more training in customer service.

khashayar f

3 star rating: Worth doing
December 2016

Kayaking and snorkeling were nice but the Sandboarding was not for me, especially on a hot sunny day.

Pui Shan L

3 star rating: Worth doing
April 2016

I like the sandboarding the best. The kayaking was so and so. We could have gone farther away and for a longer period. Since the group was too big, we were split into two smaller groups and took turns to do kayaking and snorkelling. The corals near the wrecks were a disappointment, compared with those in Kota Kinabalu, or other islands.
But it was good that the operator organised everything and the lunch was fresh and healthy!

Axel R

3 star rating: Worth doing
February 2016

It was a cool trip, but the price/value could be better.
The guides were excellent and funny, so it definitly was not boring.
Sand-boarding was a crazy experience - You get a piece of plywood, it seems like taken from an old cupboard, but definitly is not specially created for this type of activity - you lay down on it and go head-first down the sand dune. seems scary, but was fun. but prepare to eat some sand :
The buffet/picknic lunch at the beach was perfect.
The guided snorkeling tour around the wrecks was nothing special, and the guidance only meant that there was someone showing us where to go, but there was no commentary.I think everybody would have figured a way around, so the guide is actually not necessary. Also there were not many colorful fish, most of the fish were the same. there is not much coral on the wrecks yet, so nothing special to see when snorkeling.
Similar as with the snorkeling was also the kayaking in the transparent kayaks. It was fun driving around, but there was actually no point in it, no goal, nowhere special to go, we just drove up and down by the wrecks and actually saw nothing in the water. We took the amateur kayaking group, but I recommend everyone who has been on a kayak or small boat, or raft before, or is a little into sports - take the advanced group. Do not know what else they did, but maybe they went a little further from the wrecks and possibly saw sth interesting.
Overall the trip was a nice experience, but in my opinion not totally worth the money.


3 star rating: Worth doing
October 2015

It is good. I was excited and happy with some games as sandboard

REGINA B United States of ... 

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
November 2015

I do not recommend the 1-day trip. We spent too much time traveling and did not have much time for fun stuff. However, I do not know if the 2-day overnight trip would be any better. Tours were disorganized - equipment was not ready to go, instructions on how to snorkel and kayak were insufficient. For example, no instructions were given on how to fit snorkel mask. Had difficulty finding guide while snorkeling and no information was provided on what we should be seeing in the sunken ship reef. Sun boarding was fun, but you spent much time and energy getting to site for 1 maybe 2 rides down sand hill. No information was provided during drive to sand boarding site i.e. how island was formed, pointing out interesting fauna or flora, history, etc.. Other company had a photographer taking photos of each person at sand boarding site, however that was not an option with this tour group. As bringing your camera or phone was risky with sand boarding, we have no photos of this adventure. Overall the pace was hurry up and wait. We ate lunch and were ready to suit up to snorkel, but tour guide was finishing lunch and was not ready. Then we waited 25 minutes for tour to get organized and ready to depart. Instructions were not clear on what we were supposed to do. Not enough kayaks had been pulled for this group so we waited for this to happen and had about 40 minutes to kayak. Instructions on how to kayak were minimal and over half the crowd struggled with this, meaning the whole group was frustrated and did not move efficiently through wrecks.

Larissa B

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
August 2017

It was way too expensive. We payed R50 EACH PERSON only to get in the island I googled the prices and the license to get ing is really cheap. The bus was more than one hour late. We could ony see one side of the island and that's all and not a very beautiful side by the way. The sandboarding was super quick, there was only one guy helping us and we did it with a super thin wood board, it was literally a board, like, not professional at all. The lunch was wraps and we had only half an hour to eat. The kayaking was ok. In resume: it's not worth the price, they overprice it and you don't enjoy the day AT ALL.I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It was a disappointment.

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