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Ken M

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
May 2016

Our tour guide was 100 great! Like all of our other tours with Viator!

Carmen C

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
July 2015

It was a wonderful tour. It was just the two of us and the tour guide was wonderful and very accommodating.

DI m

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
July 2014

We were very lucky. Our tour was during Ramadhan and we had an excellent guide to ourselves who tailored the tour to our exact requirements. We could not have been happier.

Robert D

4 star rating: Recommended
December 2015

We enjoyed our city tour with Ahmed, who was very knowledgeable and patient with our many questions. The transportation and driver were also excellent.


4 star rating: Recommended
November 2015

This half day tour was great however, I was brought once again to a carpet factory as well as an Argon oil place. I didn't mind the carpet place on this tour as they were not pushy and I actually bought a rug! The tour manager Mohammad was really nice and provided some great information about Casablanca. He took me to places that were not on the itinerary, like Rick's Café!


4 star rating: Recommended
March 2014

Nice tour. Driver and guide on time. Allowed us some flexibility. Driver spoke great English and was very knowledgeable.


3 star rating: Worth doing
December 2014

The tour guide was very informative, the van was comfortable and it was a good summary of the city sites. Unfortunately out tour ended after 2 hours when the description said it would be 3 hours, and we only stopped at 3 out of the 6 places listed.

Janelle H

3 star rating: Worth doing
September 2014

The guide was great. The trip to the carpet place wasn't. We didn't ask to go there and didn't need the hostility and anger from the owners when we didn't want to buy anything.

Lan Hsin L

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
September 2016

most of time spent visiting shops, not pleasant experiences

Emily C

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
August 2016

Everything started off good. The tour guide is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I was the only one on the tour btw. took it since I was on a long layover.
Pros: very educative, detailed facts, very friendly, and on time. I was able to see parts of the city I would not have been able to go alone. He dropped me off a restaurant he recommended, near my hotel.

Cons: was less than 2.5 hours, I was told the pillow case I bought at the carpet shop was worth 250 usd. I was able to get it to 80 usd. You must bargain...this is Africa. Only to find the EXACT same pillow case in the airport souvenir shop for 40 euro 45 usd. The tour guide should have been helping me get a fair price, rather than telling how valuable the pillow case was so I would get it. That is exploitation of his tour guests which are 90 american.
My moroccan taxi driver couldn't believe I paid that much and said it was worth 30. He shook his head in disbelief that my tour guide didn't help me get a fair price.
I also bought arnica oil at the oil shop. Plain, cheap little bottle but paid 20 usd. The oil is seems to be just like the kind you get in the US and worth only 8, at most.
I also found it weird that my tour guide was asking what kind of car I drive and how much I pay for rent. ex. that house is worth xxx, how much do you pay where you live?,
At the end, I gave the driver equivalent to 5 and at first the tour guide 4 but was searching for more in my wallet trying to do the conversion in my head, when he said oh come on, that's it? I have kids to feed. He should have know I was looking for more. I ended up just giving him 10 more since that is what i found.
So thats 90 75 plus 15 in tips for a 2.5 hour tour. Ridiculous, considering the cost of living in Africa is a small fraction of the cost in Europe or US. And frankly, the city is not that impressive. Wish we could have gone in the marketplace. That would have been cool.

Daniel R

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
August 2015

Friendly tour guide, convenient ride in an airconditioned van in Casablanca.

- Only very superficial information provided. Short stop at Hassan II Mosque for taking pictures without further explanations.
- Tour guide enquired repeatedly about my financial means and made hints about expecting a tip.
- About 40 minutes were spent at a carpet and oil shop. This was a paid tour. I therefore consider this highly inappropriate and a show of disrespect for customers.

Lorraine W Australia

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
August 2015

Fairly average tour and we were taken to places we didn't particularly want to go carpet selling shop and oil selling shop. And the guide was the only guide we've had who actually asked for a tip to feed his children!!

Steven R

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
October 2016

The city is so filthy and dirty I would never go back. Our tour guide Mohammad was ok at first, we stopped at the Mosque but did not go in as they were going to charge another 14 USD per person. Personally my thought is Christian churches don't charge why do mosques? After that I don't think there is much to see, he took us to a filthy market so he could buy something for his wife. He pointed out all the western hotel chains and then took us to a place so we sit thru a rug presentation aka sales pitch. It would have saved everyone involved if they had just ask when we walked in if anyone was in the market for a rug. No one bought a rug. We then sat thru an oils pitch. All in all we all just wanted to get back to our ship. I didn't talk to anyone on the ship who enjoyed this port. It appears they just throw their garbage on the street, if you don't like filth don't go to Casablanca.

Susan C

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
October 2016

Our guide Mohammed spent much of the trip arranging other people's tours. Every 4 or 5 minutes a call would come through and he would be busy. At first he told us we could go into the mosque and then he talked about customs and suddenly not enough of the 8 people wanted to go in because they left their money on the bus. I arranged to loan the money but he took us back to the bus saying we could come back on our own. We went to the market so he could get his wife henna....Enough said


1 star rating: I do not recommend this
October 2016

Mohammad, our guide, talked on two phones, shopped for his wife, paid little attention to our questions. A poor representative for your company.

Kelli L

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
September 2016

I took this tour in the morning before the commencement of a 15 day tour around Morocco. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. It was quite ridiculous - I was the only one booked on the tour that day and i had a guide, a driver and a massive full size bus. While the guide was knowledgeable and answered my questions, at each stopping point I was told to get off the bus, have a look around, take photos and come back to the bus. The guide did not get out of the bus to explain anything to me, relying on what he had told me on the bus. Then it felt like a hard sales pitch - had to see carpets, and felt pushed into buying something that was in all likelihood overpriced, and the guide was getting a big commission. He sat next to me showing me all the addresses carpets had been shipped to and then pushed me to also pay a tip to the guy showing the carpet probably a way too large tip too. There were 3 people pushing me to buy and it felt quite intimidating. He then wanted to show me argan oil and other products, which I firmly declined. I was then dropped at a restaurant of my guides choosing, where he sat me to have a fixed menu, costing 150 dirhams. Later that evening I discovered that I could have had a simple salad for substantially less. Again I felt that the guide would be getting something out of me eating here.

Overall, while I saw Casablanca and learnt about it, I did feel like I was being pushed into buying things and making large tips. After paying AUD100 for this tour, I do not believe it should have been about shopping.

Karl S

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
March 2016

There are two exhibits included on the tour. One of these exhibits was a high pressure situation to purchase Berber carpet. The left and we were taken deep inside the carpet store. I am an American and have never felt this heavy hand pressure from a salesman. We had to walk out to escape this pressure. Big man used physical presence to intimate sale. He said to me and my fiancé that lack of buying her a carpet demonstrates my lack of love, implying I was unfit for husband. This destroyed the remainder of the tour. Save the angst and attend a different tour. I LOVE this company with former tours and am using them again in Marrakech. Shame on tour guide for taking us to two exhibits, so he could receive a commission.

Lisa C

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
August 2015

The guide was informative but he was more interested in taking us to a rugs shop and a souvenir shop, where we got the hard sell from the proprietors. It was obvious the guide gets a kickback for any sales he brings their way. I wasn't a happy tourist !!!!

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