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Make the most of your time in Edinburgh with a fast-access pass to the Edinburgh Dungeon. This chilling sensory experience includes elaborate special effects, rides and engaging performances. Witness gruesome scenes of Scotland's past, including the horrors of Sawney Bean's cannibal clan, a 19th-century anatomical theater and the putrescence of the plague. The truly brave visitor may choose to volunteer for an interactive demonstration of the gallows.


  • Skip-the-line entry to the Edinburgh Dungeon
  • Discover Edinburgh’s paranormal and gory history
  • Spooky boat ride, shows, actors and interactive special effects
  • No waiting in queues with fast-track entry
  • Flexible ticket – you choose when you’d like to visit the Edinburgh Dungeon

What You Can Expect

Skip the Line: The Edinburgh Dungeon

Skip the Line: The Edinburgh Dungeon

Make your way to the Edinburgh Dungeon and join the fast-access queue. As you enter, allow yourself to be wrapped up in the grisliest events of Scotland’s long history. Live actors greet you at every turn, reenacting disturbing histories such as the botched hanging of Maggie Dickson and Dr Knox’s gruesome anatomy theater. Come face-to-face with Sawney Bean, arguably the world’s most infamous cannibal – but try to keep your head (and your limbs) and not end up on the chopping block.

As you make the approximate 60-minute walk through the dungeons, experience highlights of Scotland’s horrible history through exceptional stages and special effects. Rile at the smells and sights of the plague and learn about the notorious ghosts in Scotland's haunted capital.

Cap off your visit with a heart-stopping experience on the Drop Dead ride. Then test your nerves as you become a victim at the gallows in Grassmarket. At the mercy of the hangman, experience the final moments of terror as the floor falls out from under you.

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Anatomy Theater
If you are squeamish at the sight of modern surgery you will be in for a shock at The Edinburgh Dungeons' Anatomy Theatre. In the 19th century, medical and surgical schools were a catastrophic mess of unhygienic barbarism! The dissection of corpses in these schools were as much a show of theatrical entertainment as they were education. In the same manner that public executions were reveled in, these bloody procedures were the subject of excitable spectators.

As organs were plucked from the corpse and blood spilt, it was often considered the more mess created the greater the spectacle and, as most corpses were fresh from the local prison, the sight of this butchery was considered a source of justifiable glee! See if you can stomach the Anatomy Theatre demonstration at the Edinburgh Dungeon and be careful of the slippery floor!

Haunted Labyrinth
Enter the dark and terrifying labyrinth, at the Edinburgh Dungeon, that stretches from beneath the Castle, under the Royal Mile and away into the unknown. A drummer boy disappeared without a trace in these very catacombs over a century ago. If you listen carefully you may hear a distant drum beat as his spirit wanders vainly looking for a way back to the light of day. Don't lose your way, or you may suffer the same dreadful fate.

Judgement of Sinners
Are you a sinner? If you are, you may be reluctant to enter the Judgement of Sinners exhibit at The Edinburgh Dungeon! However minor the crime committed, in the 18th century there was a dubiously fitting punishment in store that would terrify the living daylights out of you today! And at the Edinburgh Dungeon the past is today and the judge is convicting you of horrible crimes!

Will you be condemned to languish in the rat-infested dungeon, suffer the consequences of your actions in the torture chamber or will you be operating the torture equipment on some other poor victim? The maniacal judge of sin is about to point the finger! People suffered hideous torture through many inventive methods and contraptions. See which were considered appropriate consequence for different crimes and gasp at the savagery that once reigned in Europe. Just don't annoy the Dungeon staff!

Mary King's Ghost
1646, and you find yourself in the mysterious Mary King's Close where the stench of the poor souls abandoned to die of the plague is overpowering. You are chilled to the very bone, when suddenly you are confronted by a vengeful ghostly presence that leaves you paralyzed by fear...will you escape?

The Cave of Sawney Bean
Some travelers have gone missing and rumors are flying around that the cannibal Sawney Bean has dragged them deep into his cave, but beware! Sawney has spotted some tasty flesh and is heading your way.

Explore the facts that surround the myths; from local legends to world famous Vampires. Take an eerie boat ride into the lair of the demon Boabhan Sith might just frighten the life out of you!

Vampires have remained a strong presence in European fable through the centuries. How could a creature of fiction have instilled such fear and genuine belief to have existed in public consciousness all these years? Would the idea of Vampires make more logical sense if they were not fiction at all?

Scotland hasn't escaped the terror of these night creatures. The most famous account is the legend of the Boabhan Sith, seductive lady vampires of the Highland Glens. Learn of this story and other incredible vampire reports throughout history at the Edinburgh Dungeon. Vampires: Fact or Fiction will make you question your beliefs and reveal dark truths behind the deadly myth.

Customer Reviews

Margaret C

5 star rating: Highly Recommended August 2016

We thoroughly enjoyed the 'dungeon experience' The whole 'cast' were good at what they do. Once they find their 'victim' it was hilarious. highly recommend it to everyone.


5 star rating: Highly Recommended August 2016

very nice!


5 star rating: Highly Recommended July 2016

Really enjoyable experience, with a great cast. Brilliant for all ages.

Desiri B

5 star rating: Highly Recommended July 2016


john B

5 star rating: Highly Recommended July 2016

Fantastic entertainment, well worth the price. would definitely recommend. Not a gimmick to take your money and come out disappointed. You will want to do it again!!!

Eric A

5 star rating: Highly Recommended July 2016

The charactors were class!

Definitely worth the time and money.

kim t

5 star rating: Highly Recommended June 2016

OMG this is fantastic, the guys really get into role playing throughout the tour. The ride at the end wow really gets your heart pumping but in a great way. Highly recommend this tour, and definitely skip the line as the lines can be very long.

Jane D

5 star rating: Highly Recommended June 2016

This tour was amazing!


5 star rating: Highly Recommended June 2016

Well worth the price, fast track and easy to use

Timothy B

5 star rating: Highly Recommended April 2016

Fantastic. The perfect balance of laughs and scary bits but not too much for the younger children. A must see

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