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Explore the mysteries of Peru’s stunning Nazca Lines during this 11-hour excursion, complete with Cessna flight, departing from Lima. Drive south along the Pacific coast to Paracas, where you’ll board your plane for a 1.5-hour aerial adventure above this UNESCO World Heritage Site. As you soar above these intriguing works of art, also known as ‘geoglyphs,’ capture photos from your window seat, and listen as your guide explains the puzzling questions about their creation. Your Nazca Lines adventure also includes round-trip transportation from your hotel in Lima.


  • 1.5-hour air tour over the Nazca Lines with transport from Lima
  • Check out one of the most amazing and mysterious ancient attractions in Peru from the air
  • Hear about the possible purposes of the drawings, which are believed to date back to around 400 AD
  • Enjoy the view from your own window seat
  • Round-trip transport from Lima included

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What You Can Expect

Nazca Lines Air Tour with Transport from Lima

Nazca Lines Air Tour from Lima

Experience a bird’s eye view flying by Cessna above one of the great creations of the ancient world, the Nazca Lines, on this 11-hour tour leaving from Lima. Learn the fascinating myths about the creation of this UNESCO World Heritage site, unexplained by scientists and archaeologists to this day. 

Start your Nazca excursion with a 7am pickup from your hotel in San Isidro or Miraflores, proceeding by luxury Mercedes van with your guide towards the Peruvian city of Paracas for your flight. The drive takes about 4 hours each way.

Arrive at the airport, climb aboard your Cessna plane and take a seat by the window (every seat has one) to begin your flight. Soar above the arid plains of the Nazca Plateau a remote desert area that is home to this famous archaeological site. 

Gaze in wonder as your pilot loops you around each of the site’s unique designs, allowing time for a closer look. While the creation of the lines remains a mystery, many experts believe the Nazca people designed them some time between 400 and 650 AD. 

The majority of which depict various animals and symbolic events from Nazca culture. The site’s 300-foot (90m) monkey, for example, has just 9 fingers, which is believed to represent the 9 months of drought that occur in the area each year. Meanwhile, the spider design is thought to represent water and fertility, as the creatures frequently appeared before rainstorms. The site’s flamingo, condor and hummingbird are thought to relate to the winter and summer solstices, as each bird’s beak aligns with the sunrise and sunsets on these dates.

Take time over the course of your 1.5 hour aerial exploration to capture plenty of pictures, returning to the Paracas airport when the time is up. Feel free to grab lunch at your own expense in town before the return trip back to your Lima hotel.

Customer Reviews

Luis A

5 star rating: Highly Recommended March 2016

Great tour, worth the time

Ronald L

4 star rating: Recommended June 2015

Although the guide did speak English, he spent most of the bus ride speaking Spanish without translating what he was saying for the English speakers. The flight over the Nazca lines was disappointing in that each passenger got very little time to see each image. I didn't feel the entire trip was worth the cost.

Aida Portia F

4 star rating: Recommended October 2014

My son and I traveled to view the Nazca lines from Lima on Oct 4. We were picked up from the hotel at exactly the time we were told. The car was clean and comfortable and the drive was long (we were told that and expected it). Our guide Angelo was nice and attentive to us although he did not talk much except to identify some of the towns that we drove through. The flight over the lines was uneventful with the pilots not saying anything which prompted one of the passengers on the plane to ask whether we will be told when we reached the lines. Then without warning the pilot said to look to the left side of the plane and see the "ballena", then the pilot made a sharp turn and said "now on the right side "the same ballena". This continued for a few minutes with the plane swinging sharply from one fantastic image on the ground to the other. In my mind the turns were very sharp that many of the 12 passengers in the plane were airsick. I don't know that there is another way to see the lines but there has to be a better way. After the plane landed, we once again boarded our ride back to Lima. Angelo was very attentive and helpful to one of the other passenger who was still motion sick. I rate this trip four stars because they may not be a better way to see the lines from the air.

Govind A

4 star rating: Recommended September 2014

It was great to see the Nazca Lines, pictures do not do justice to this. Our group of nine enjoyed the trip. The flight experience was also nice and the co-pilot explained was nice to point out the various lines.
We wish the guide had talked about the history, or showed a video to give us background of Nazca Lines, as we had 4 hours of van ride.
Overall good experience. Thanks, Govind Arora

ujjwal r

4 star rating: Recommended May 2014

The guide and the driver were super nice. Enjoyed the trip.

Vanessa H

3 star rating: Worth doing November 2015

The plane ride is like a roller coaster ride and felt quite sick afterwards. The view is however amazing from the plane, but I wouldn't do it again - definitely a once off.

Toni R

3 star rating: Worth doing June 2015

I suppose it's worth doing. But I wouldn't rank in the top 200 things in the world to see.

Penelope A

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better September 2016

Could only spare one day so feel I missed a lot. The lines were not as big as I'd thought they were and so would have liked to spend time in the town and see the water system. Suggest 2 day trip if you have the time.

Stan T

1 star rating: I do not recommend this November 2016

There were many problems that plague this air tour that apparently not changed since August 2014 review. The Pisco airport is new as of 2015, but the Lima traffic, 4 hour drive there, delay of flight that did not have a flight time, no lunch break and drive back were the same and mind-numbingly bad. There were delays, so the stated 11 hour tour ended up being 13 hours! The most disappointing aspect was the Nazca Lines flight itself, which was long on commute, short on the destination. This tour is not worth 465 that's for sure.

christopher c

1 star rating: I do not recommend this August 2014

This tour has been badly organised and executed by the tour agent. I would describe this tour as the vomit comet over Nazca. The trip starts with a 4 hour journey to an airport with stop off at a poor service station, then a pointless 2 hour wait in a very small airport. The tour guide provided very limited information on our trip and no reason for the flight delay. The tour information states that the guide provides information on the tour and Nazca lines, but this was not the case. The tour guide barley interacted with the guests and provided very little information. The same can be said for the flight crew. Again the tour information states you will receive information on the Nazca lines during the flight, but all we got was one of the pilots pointing erratically out of the plane, which provided little help in identifying the lines. The major issue is the way they fly the plane after it reaches the Nazca lines. They perform very tight G circles making it difficult to spot the markings and take photos, plus it does not help when other passengers are vomiting due to the crazy flying, and others looking very ill. I can only describe this as the vomit comet. The flight itself is a 1.5 hour round trip with only 5 to 10 minutes at the Nazca lines. The trip in total took 14 hours, most of it just wasted time. Lastly we were not offered an chance to stop for food as described in the tour information.
We have raised a compliant due to the cost of the tour and the lack of value, so hopefully this will help improve the tour for others, but under its current structure I would recommend looking at other options to see the Nazca lines.

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