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5 star rating: Highly Recommended
December 2017

Extremely good service, highly recommended

Kelsey B

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
December 2017

Loved this!! I highly recommend this experience in Naples.

Mr K B

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
September 2017

A last minute problem meant a change of venue for this event but what a fabulous evening it turned out to be. We all thoroughly enjoyed making pizza's and the staff very exceptionally knowledgable, skilled and helpful. We are convinced that the pizza's we made were the best we tasted whilst in Naples!
A really great evening out.

aliciagracec United Kingdom

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
May 2017

A very good enjoyable class, we were the only ones in the class and it was so much fun!

Cara M

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
November 2016

Such a great experience and fun! Would recommend it to anyone!

Arlene L

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
September 2016

My husband and I enjoyed this pizza making experience. What a fun thing to do. I can't wait to get home and try it. The Montanara fried pizza was totally amazing. This is a must do, during a visit to Naples.
A and R Vancouver, Canada

Raquel L. N

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
July 2016

This was our first event the day we arrived in Naples. My husband, myself and our 13 year-old son really enjoyed it. And the pizza was delicious

Evelyn D

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
June 2016

Sal and his team were OUTSTANDING! We have a private class where Sal went into great detail about pizza making. Everyone was very hospitable and warm. Highly recommend it!

Linda R

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
April 2014

We had a great time our pizzas looked like footballs but they made ones for us to eat dinner was great would definality done there again when in Naples


4 star rating: Recommended
October 2017

It was great fun learning how to make the pizza we were given hints and tips that you don't see in recipes, and got to eat our own pizzas. The staff there were nice, decent people. The only downside was that there was a bit of a wait to go in, however we were given a table, drinks and nibbles and our starter while waiting, and the reality was that this is a busy working restaurant and we were probably taken in when there was a bit of a lull. It's an experience we won't forget. Definitely go if you are happy to go into a hot and busy working kitchen not a teaching room and get stuck in.

Elyssa G

4 star rating: Recommended
December 2016

My husband and I enjoyed our pizza making experience in Naples this past November. It was great to be able to learn the steps of making a true Neapolitan pizza. During our class, we were able to take a ball of dough and transform it into a pizza - from the technique of shaping the dough into a crust, adding the sauce, and placing the toppings to watching the incredible speed at which the pizza cooks. Our only wish was that we would have been able to make the dough ourselves we were given the recipe and were able to write it down, but we did not get to form an actual ball of dough. Overall, a great experience!


4 star rating: Recommended
December 2016

Not like the tour description, but still quite fun. The restaurant is easy to find. There was confusion about the starting time I got an email telling me to be there at 1100, when the voucher said 1130. I arrived at 1100, and was told that I was 30 minutes early. The chef spoke no English, but another worker translated. The entire pizza-making process took less than 30 minutes, but it was interesting to see how quickly the oven cooks the pizza. I also got an antipasti and dessert course. I paid for the beverage wine. I was completely finished by 1230, well before Neapolitans start lunch, so I was the only one eating. If you have time, this is a fun experience! FYI: tipping is expected.

Ben B

4 star rating: Recommended
August 2016

Fun evening and great start to our visit in Naples. You work in the kitchen and make your own pizza. Not overly serious but informative and enjoyable way to spend a few hours learning about classic Italian pizza making and meeting some new friends.

Ben Y

4 star rating: Recommended
June 2016

The team was wonderful, though they don't allow you much time actually cooking it felt slightly rushed but were wonderful teachers and they'll even make you a pizza if you can't get it right. It could of benefited from maybe making a few instead of just one.

You're then sat down after enjoying your own personal pizza and the drink which is included you then get some other little tasty courses where we were more than full afterwards. Wonderful.

Theresa M

3 star rating: Worth doing
December 2017

The pizza making portion itself was good. It was pretty quick, but not difficult and the staff was friendly. However, as others have mentioned, the meal itself is just mediocre. If it weren't for the fried pizza dough a salad would be perfect, the meal would be much better.

Ashley M

3 star rating: Worth doing
July 2014

This experience was somewhat disappointing. The restaurant had made a mistake with our booking and, therefore, were not expecting us when we arrived. Therefore, nothing was prepared and we were left waiting for approximately 45 minutes whilst they sourced a translator since the pizza cook spoke little English. We got a demonstration of how to make the pizza disc from a ball of dough and then how to dress a basic Margarita with tomato puree and cheese. It wasn't very interesting or hands-on like we were expecting. The 2 demo pizzas were what we were given for dinner in addition to some fried snacks and a small creamy dessert. The staff were pleasant but the experience was disappointing.

Stephen W

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
December 2016

The pizza we eat was pretty good. Also the dessert was very good as well. However we didn't prepare the dough beforehand. If you have never prepare pizza dough before then you will have a hard time cooking at home. For the price it's not bad but there are better classes out there.

Janet L

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
December 2013

The restaurant itself (which was an attempt at modern, absolutely no charm) was a 10-12 minute cab drive out of the city center in a less-than desirable neighborhood. We were ushered into the "kitchen" donned plastic aprons and were given balls of dough to press out. Then we chose toppings from bowls and the owner put the pizza into an oven for 3-4 minutes, then we ate the pizza. We were served plates of fried somethings and a beverage.

The folks tried to be pleasant with us but we learned nothing and felt awkward. This could have been a really neat experience; learning about foods and flavors and getting involved in the making of a local food. But it needs a vendor truly interested in helping others to learn rather than getting naive Americans into their restaurant for quite a bit of money for little or no value. We couldn't wait to get out.

Vince F

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
November 2017

This is the 1st Victor tour I booked that was disappointing. We were told we would be making pizza but only assembled it. We were given premade dough,stretched it out,put on sauce and cheese and put it in the oven. No appetizer,drink or dessert as promised in the description. The whole experience was about 45 minutes and even though we didn't get what we paid for he asked us for a tip. So ultimately we paid 50 euro each to cook our own lunch. The organizer was Christina and the restaurant was Annare. A waste of 150 Euro for us

Veronika K

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
August 2017

For 50/ per person the price of a very nice meal, you get:
- a 20-minute transfer to a restaurant-club still under construction in an industrial zone suburb in the south of Naples,
- a visibly insincere animator and his team of family/friends? employees? co-investors? - acting as if we were on a bad TV broadcast,
- no recipe at all, and no instruction or demonstration on how to prepare the dough and the thick dough was the worst we ate in years - with digestive problems in the night,
- the authentic Neapolitan pizza course consist of yourself putting some tomato sauce and cheese on a spread dough and putting it in the oven - while everybody having to fake the fun in front of the group with imposed photos the topping was only scarce in quantity, and when we requested some more in quantity and diversity, we only got some basil and a cup of olives for 7 persons to share - nothing more
- with the pizza you prepared with barely something on it, 2 jars of bad white wine were also proposed, but so bad that people did not even finish their glass like the dough, the wine was also the worst we experienced in Italy.
- We had 2 bottles of water for 7 persons because we requested them
- At the end, one hour and half? later, a 20-minute transfer back from the industrial zone suburb to downtown Naples.

All in all, it may indeed be a typical Neapolitan experience in the sense that it is just a fraud for tourists, but it is in no way a culinary experience. It is in no way worth the 50/ - for this price, either buy the most lavishly illustrated cooking book on pizzas, or go to the nicest pizzeria in town.

This cooking class should be deleted from Viator.com as it is a fraud. Maybe the owner needs easy money to finish his restaurant? Given the opinion of the other participants, we have been surprised by the positive comments we read before booking the tour and find them misleading and helping the scam.

Simon W

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
October 2016

Avoid! Reading reviews suggests different places are used, so until you can guarantee it and #39;s not at Filume, stay away! No friendly welcome, chef didn and #39;t speak any English, only spent 20 min making pizza, didn and #39;t make the doe, no choice of ingredients, horrible starter of fried bread, uninterested staff

Wendi G

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
July 2013

I would give this a no star if possible. The tour was not as promised. We paid a lot of money to eat pizza and not learn anything. They did not start on time and were not ready for us and the hosts, although friendly, did not "teach" us anything as they spoke very little english.

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