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Sam B

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
August 2017

This really was a nice excursion. Wendy, our guide, was very nice and the whole crew on the boat were friendly and helpful. It was great to get out and see the different islands and the clear water. I believe we stopped at five or six altogether. The snorkeling part was absolutely awesome. It was really cool to see so many fish swimming around you that you normally only see at an aquarium. My only criticism would be the number of people at Phi Phi Lay island when we landed there. There was about 30 or more other tour boats and probably a thousand people on this island which made it hard to enjoy. The Thai government should maybe limit the number of people who can be on the island at any given time. Other than that, it was worth the trip out there and we are very happy we did. Great tour and I recommend it if you are interested in a day trip out to the islands.

Carlos S

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
March 2017

Great Tour! Recommended

Brijida R

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
July 2016

I loved it. It was amazing. The tour guide was funny and helped me with my pictures being that I was alone.


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
June 2016

Great tour! Mackei and his group were extremely nice and funny! Would recommend to everyone

James Paul D

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
March 2016

Awesome and breathtaking

Brian W USA

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
February 2016

Really good staff, scenic stops, lunch was good, great experience.


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
January 2016

the day was spectaculer the landscape and beaches at pi pi island are out of this world and the tour company where really great they could not do enough for us.

Cristina V

4 star rating: Recommended
August 2017

Our trip had been originally booked for 15/8 but due to rain and wind, with Phuket Marine advice, it needed to be postponed a day with a call in the evening before. Then again on 16/8 in the evening, they called again to say that it needed to be postponed again, and we moved to 17/8 but as we left on 18/8 we could not postpone again.
The sea was very choppy and the 1h trip from Phuket to Phi Phi was super bumpy, and I felt horribly seasick... The boat goes really fast and the waves, of 2m and high, made our boat hit the water very hard, uninterruptedly... if this is for 5 minutes, no issues, but for 60 minutes, it was just too much. Not only for me, I saw many other fellow passengers with faces of undeniable discomfort, to say the least...
But as we arrived at the Island, Phi Phi Don was the first beach where we could get off the boat, and the entire landscape is so special, with vertical rocks from the sea to the sky, a rare view which made all the horrible trip worthwhile... Phi Phi Don is famous also as the place where the 2000 movie The Beach with Leonardo de Caprio was filmed.
We went around the island to Blue Lagoon, which was a stunning secluded area with a sea colour of amazing blue, and more of the vertical tall rocks, all around this lovely lagoon.
Next we went to what they call monkey beach, and so many of these monkeys, all sizes, all ages, baby monkeys, and some of them on the rocks, camouflaged with same colours as their surrounding, and you could hardly see them. At the beach itself, even though we disembark, you could see tens of them, maybe even over a hundred of them.
From there we headed for Bamboo island, a ten minute boat trip. On this island we disembarked and stayed for 45min. On the island there is a national park, and a bar.
After this, we went for another island where we had our lunch. It was a bigger island and there were Hotel, school, and what looks like a local indigenous community, and coincidently the school was having a sports day and we could watch the lively community on such a day. Interesting!
From this one, we went 45 min to another Island, and the sea again was bumpy, actually choppier than before, and waves were also bigger, and each boat jump hit the water harder than before, and made me wonder how much of those hits the boat could take before collapsing and breaking... but it supported the strain very steadily, even if all of us were left gasping for air on each bump.
This last island was unnecessary in my humble opinion, but when i saw the trajectory we followed on the map, this leg was actually taking us back to origin, and there was no other way... Still, I wonder if all trips to Phi Phi Island are like this, or whether it was only unlucky weather that we had - causing all those reschedulings... Anyway, a trip worth doing, but hopefully if you are doing it, in your own booked trip, you will be luckier with the weather and how choppy the sea is...

Cristina V

4 star rating: Recommended
August 2017

Great tour, but we were picked up at the hotel at 07:30, which is a bit early, got to the Marina by 08:15...and waited until 09:30 to leave the Marina! That spoiled things a bit, as it is difficult to keep in good spirits waiting for 1:15 h. The other thing to consider is to pack fewer activities in the tour, i. e., reduce the number of islands, as the last one in particular had little to offer and everyone was tired.

Terry M

4 star rating: Recommended
January 2017

The tour was very well done. The morning briefing for everyone was entertaining but a little hectic with all the different groups. The tour leader was very funny, animated and informative. The five locations that we visited are a must see. Just be prepared to share each of the locations with more than the 30 persons on the boat. Our first stop was to a incredible beach that was just chocked full of people and tour boats. We were told that 3000 people an hour are on a beach that isn't all that large. Just be prepared for large groups of people and boats at each of these beautiful locations. The picture shown is a bit deceiving. Multiply the number of boats and people by a factor of 25 to 50. These incredible beaches are more congested than downtown Phuket. Still the tour was well done and visited some really beautiful locations.

Sade H

4 star rating: Recommended
May 2016

This tour good ride a little bumpy but it good. Had plenty of time to enjoy the water swimming at the beach and snorkeling. The food was so-so but the guide David and his crew were rather pleasant and friendly. Minus the camera man that was always in your face lol it was good.

Stefanie M

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
May 2017

Didn and #39;t get to spend much time on the island. Snorkeling was okay. Had to pay extra for flippers. Picked up two Thai people in the middle of the tour so took away time from our tour. Only saw the monkeys for 3 minutes off the boat. Didn and #39;t get to actually go on the island. Too many people on the boat.


1 star rating: I do not recommend this
November 2017

The tour operators claimed they would pick us up between 7am and 7:15am on Wednesday, November 23rd I originally booked for the 22nd but changed the date and the tour operator said this was okay. At 7:29am they had still not arrived.

We called at 7:30 am and the gentleman who picked up sounded as if he had just woken up. He claimed the driver was coming soon.

We called back again at 7:45am and the same gentleman told our front desk person that they would be to us in 20-30 minutes.

Finally at 8:30am a man showed up and said he was not with the tour operator but was helping them to pick up people. We got into his air conditioned minibus.

Once on the pier, the tour seemed to be rushed. The main highlight of the tour for me would have been monkey beach which we skipped.

The tour stated:
1:50 pm Swimming, Relaxing and enjoy feeding wild monkeys at the Monkey Beach.

We never got off the boat at Monkey Beach. We actually sailed there and looked at 2 or 3 monkeys on a wall for less than 3 minutes and left. This was insanely disappointing.

The boat was also over-crowded with 38 people on board.

In general, this experience was underwhelming and disappointing. Between the late pickup with no transparent communication to the 38 people squished next to each other, to skipping Monkey Beach, I think it was overpriced and falsely advertised.

The redeeming qualities of the experience were the tour guides who were friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and accommodating and the beautiful islands.

I think tour itself could use some work and I would not recommend anyone use this company nor book through Viator at the the current price of 93.59 USD. This tour was maybe worth 50.

Celeste T

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
October 2016

No one ever showed up at our hotel to collect us for this tour. We had the hotel desk attempt to call the number the tour provider listed on the voucher and it was a non-working number. Very disappointing as this was at the top of our list to see while in Phuket.

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