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5 star rating: Highly Recommended
January 2018

This was an amazing experience and was top of my bucket list!! Crew were excellent - great safety training. Kept eyes on us at all times.

Whilst I am a snorkeller - i am usually is calm water. the currents here came in three directions. I was pulled over the reef by one of the crew into a current that would bring me back over the reef so I was able to swim with it whilst exploring the reef. Reef was not as bright as hoped as it wasn't sunny - but I saw many species of brightly coloured fish - too many shapes and patterns of reef to describe and on a second guided swim - on which I was basically towed -my best sighting was a bright blue starfish wriggling around on a reef!!

The lunch was excellent and I was able to buy a glass of vino as we headed back- to celebrate the tick on my bucket list and the most amazing experience ever!!

totally must be done- I'd love to do it again!!


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
January 2018

Port Douglas was our last Barrier Reef stop on our cruise ship. I can honestly say that this was the best shore excursion we took. Crew of the Poseidon were excellent and very professional. They wanted to make sure that everyone had a safe and great time. We went on three snorkel trips and each got better as we went along. As I tell everyone, I found Nemo!. Literally saw a family swimming in the reef. Equipment, food and all services were above par. An amazing overall experience and I highly recommend to anyone traveling to Port Douglas in Australia.

Anouska A

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
September 2017

Amazing - a must do if one day in this area. Crew were fabulous and the dive sites were fantastic.

Susan H

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
August 2017

Oh, I guess I forgot to review this tour last year. But it was fabulous. We were worried, having heard about the continuing bleaching event. There's no shortage of things to worry about where climate change is concerned, but at least as of August, 2016, it was still very cool to go snorkeling on the outer reef.

Kim T

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
June 2017

Excellent experience and great value! We really enjoyed the three separate snorkel areas and the food was good. They gave us plenty of time at each stop and we saw turtles and white tip reef sharks. The Great Barrier Reef was amazing! Lots of fish and coral great biodiversity. I will go back and I recommend this excursion.

Joni M P

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
April 2017

We had a wonderful time on this excursion. Arrived at Reef Marina for 0830AM departure. There were 34 snorkelers and about 20 divers, but boat could hold 80. Snorkelers were told to sit on top level of large boat. It had a shaded area and we were given a briefing. Partly cloudy day with heavy rain on our way out to Agincourt Reef. Wore hooded stinger suits provided to protect against jellies...Went to 3 sites for over an hour at each site, after boat-ride of 90 minutes. Sites visited: The Point, Chapel and Barracuda. All were very nice with pink, yellow and blue plate and staghorn coral, giant clams blue, green and orange, trumpet fish, grey sharks, unicorn fish, sweet lips big fish, beaked coral fish and puffers. Beautiful schools of aqua pullers and orange larger fish. Beautiful! Food was great as well!

Doug F

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
March 2017

We had a great time. They provide body suits to protect against the sun and stinging jellyfish, which we never encountered, snorkel gear, flippers. The boats are very fast, it takes about an hour to get to the reef. They take you to three sites, give you plenty of time in the water, and provide lunch which was good and which accommodates vegetarians well. Large parts of the reef are very close to the surface-- frequently so close you have to remain horizontal in the water so you don't hit it by accident. In places also the bottom is close enough that holding your breath to dive down and get a good look is quite possible even if you're not experienced at it. They have guides who know the sites and can point out things you might miss-- sea slugs, giant clams, turtles, sharks, unusual species of fish, especially interesting portions of reef. I was concerned at first that things would be distant and that only scuba would let you really see things, but this was not at all the case.

Jason L

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
July 2016

This tour was amazing!

Areigna P

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
April 2016

Poseidon Great Barrier Reef Cruises are AWESOME! Funny and friendly guides! Great reef sites, and their gear is too-notch!


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
December 2015

Poseidon and the entire team were awesome. The 3 snorkel sites we visited at Agincourt Reef were all incredibly beautiful. The reef information sessions were fabulous and gave further insight into the World Heritage listed Reef we had the privilege of sharing. An added bonus was the food which was lovely and fresh and there was plenty of it.


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
October 2015

Had a great time. Did the three dives. Well worth the price.

Lucy United Kingdom

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
August 2015

I cannot rate this tour high enough. Worth every penny.
I would 100 advise for anyone taking this tour to take travel sickness tablets. Ours was a very calm day according to staff however it was still quite sickness educing.
The staff were lovely handing out sea sickness tablets as we got on the ferry.
We had full safety briefings before each dive or snorkel. We were offered the chance to wear stinger protection suits and life jackets whist snorkelling which we took up.
There were always life guards in the water with use, a marine biologist to point out the fish on the reef and a spotter on the roof of the boat to water all the swimmers.
The food was amazing and fresh. There was also plenty of it. Every single member of staff were on hand to answer questions and most of them sat with the tourists on the journey.
The reef itself was absolutely beautiful. We swam with a range of fish, reef shark and turtles!

The tide was out when we were due to return to Port Douglas so they had organised for us to visit a fourth dive site which was fantastic.

Jamie H

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
January 2015

The staff is amazing! We had some of the roughest water I've ever been on and half of the boat (literally) was out bag with white paper bags due to sea sickness. That didn't ruin the spirit or service of the staff though. Because the weather wasn't so great, we did have a choppy first dive but Kim (one of the dive instructors) was my saving grace and made sure I had a good time. Without Kim, I may have missed out on my chance to live a life's dream of diving in the Great Barrier Reef.

The food that was served was REALLY good and way better than I expected. I would definitely recommend this tour for anyone who is looking for good GBR experience.

Stephen Q

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
December 2014

Diving the Great Barrier Reef has ALWAYS been our dream. What an amazing experience! Viator made all the arrangements. All the inclusives in the tour was much more than we ever expected. From the pick-up at our Shantara Resort to the drop off, everything was seamless. We were treated to the best dive equipment on the Poseidon. The instructors were experienced, friendly and very attractive. We would highly recommend this tour company and dive operator to all who visit Austraila. The famous ribbon reefs were highly anticipated, since this is what entices all divers to the outer Great Barrier Reef. There are many to chose from, but with Viator and Poseidon, you won't be disappointed. The selection of food to keep divers and snorklers energized was very impressive.

"Thank you", Poseidon and Viator! We hope to adventure with you both again in the near future.

Alison B

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
December 2013

This was a brilliant trip, and fantastic views of the reef and lots of different fish and coral to see.
Highly recommended.

David A

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
October 2012

There is a bus service operated to pick you up and drop you back at your hotel in PD. The boat is smaller than the huge quicksilver boats but this was a plus it meant less people on the reefs with you. The three stops were great, snacks on boarding, lunch in the day and then bits and pieces you can buy. The crew are very friendly and interact with everyone. All snorkels/flippers are free and you can get a wetsuit for $5. Can't recommend them enough!

Desiree B

4 star rating: Recommended
May 2017

This tour was great! The boat ride and snorkeling were very waving and current was fairly strong but we manage to see a lot of the reef locations. We many fish, beautiful coral, and a reef shark that swam away as soon as it saw us. We enjoyed this tour but the conditions were prefect.

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