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5 star rating: Highly Recommended
January 2018

Amazing trip to the Jungfrau Glacier Panaroma View at the snow village of Kline Schidegg. We enjoyed a special day in the Alps and had the picture perfect ski village experience. My only small recommendation is to make it clear when booking that you don't go all the way to the top as I expected when I booked the trip. In our case it all worked out great, however, on the day of the trip, we didn't realize we were not going all the way to the top. Perhaps adding a line in the day trip description clearly stating that this tour does not go to the top might be helpful for those planning a future trip. Otherwise, it was picture perfect.

Lillian R

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
January 2017

The tour was amazing. We had a small group so our guide treated us well. We went up to the top and were very glad we did. It was cold outside up at the top but we loved it!


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
June 2016

We would recommend this trip to everyone that wants to experience the mountain life of the swiss alps. Despite the day being at first rainy and overcast is was great. Hopping off at Wengen we wandered around this beautiful village obviously a very busy place during the ski season but serene and charming when we went. We then continued up the railway to Kleine Shendegg we couldn't go any higher due to the weather changed trains and went down to the village of Grindwald which was beautiful. The scenery throughout is a sight that needs to be seen, every turn you make is picture perfect. During the bus ride our guide, Kid, was very good, giving lots of information, pointing out great spots to take pictures and taking pictures of each of us as a momento. A1 tour

Kim Gerolaga

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
May 2016

stunning views!!!

James A

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
November 2015

Our tour guide KID was a totally AWESOME guide, he knew where all the great picture places were, while keeping everyone highly energized like himself.
The scenery was awesome right from Interlaken to the top of Jungfrau and back down again.
It was well worth the cost of going to the top, the views from there were exquisite. A totally awesome day we will not ever forget.Thank you KID for putting all your heart into your job.
From Jim, party of four. October 25th. Tour.


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
September 2015

Initially we booked the Eiger Jungfrau panorama tour which leaves you with unguided free 4 hours at Wengen,Kleine schedeigg and Grindelwald,but at the last moment changed our minds and upgraded to the full 12 hour guided jungfrau experience tour and went up the mountain to the top of Europe and felt glad that we changed our plans,as the experience to the top of Europe was definitely worth more than what it costed.Our tour guide Kid organised the tour very well and made sure every attraction was covered and the punctuality was maintained,he also made sure that every individual gets a memory of the picturesque adventure by pointing the photo opportunities at the right time and he even took some priceless pics for everybody himself.This tour is ideal for people who fear heights,have vertigo or feel nauseated in rotating cable cars as this one takes to top of Europe without you having to take a single cable car.You complete the full journey in coach and trains,the first half is exploring the scenic beauty of interlaken with some shopping and refreshment opportunities and the second half is the beautiful unforgettable train journeys to the mountains.On the way to the mountains you have numerous photo opportunities wherein you capture snow clad mountains,car free villages,cattles with swiss bells,old houses.lakes and lush greenery.On top you have many adventures to witness like the sphinx,snow fun through the plateau,ice palace and alpine sensation.I would definitely recommend this tour as me and my wife thoroughly enjoyed it and are going to nurture and cherish the memories for the rest of our lives.


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
December 2014

The tour was amazing , perfect .... But pse be noted this is NON guided , we were only given the train ticket from wengen - mountain - grindelwald .Trust me Do NOT take the extension tour to Jungfraug as the tour guide (Kid) suggested as it means u only see the mountain without explore the village

Mark V

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
September 2014

Great tour and great day. Just enough time with the guide and a good bit of free time which was welcomed. It is what you want from a tour in the Alps. Get me there, tell me how to get around and then tell me where I need to be to return.


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
August 2014

Amazing! I would recommend taking the Eiger-Jungfrau tour for a small group of younger adults who want to explore. We had 5 hours to manage on our own between 3 towns and plenty of time to eat lunch, hike, explore. The top of the mountain tour seemed too structured, and it seems that most of your time would be spent on trains and only on the top of that mountain. We were the only 2 people out of 60 people who did not do the top of the mountain tour and we definitely had more fun after listening to the stories of the group when we met back up.

Lili Z

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
August 2014

The tour is a high end service!
We love our tour guide and the bus driver!
The tour guide is very professional and knowledgeable.
We upgraded our tour to go to the top of Europe, an unforgettable experience!


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
December 2013

Trip was fantastic gorgeous view on the way up by train. Unfortunately was snowing heavily at top of mountain unable to step out for picture taking. Highly recommended.

Shahida A

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
August 2013

It was an amazing trip from Zurich to Jungfrau.We upgraded to include the the highest level.It is a beautiful day trip when u r surrounded by timeless beauty of the Alps.Thoroughly enjoyed it.

David R

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
November 2012

Very, very good guide: a young man from Thailand who was very energetic and helpful. Wonderful scenery-we had great weather. I would recommend people not used to higher altitudes take asperin and plenty of water.

James Chen USA

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
September 2011

*** This review is for Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe ***
The most moving tour I'd ever been on, our tour guide advised us to upgrade our tour to Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe. We are glad we did. A wonderful tour guide makes this an extremely well organized tour.


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
August 2011

We can highly recommend this tour, prime seats on the bus both ways, tour guide (Kip) was fantastic and had us laughing all the time.
Pity the weather at the top was bad. 5 star


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
November 2010

Was an AWESOME experience, one that will remain with me for the rest of my life. The Tour Guide, Kid, made the experience really special. Everything ran like clockwork. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Jose Tadeu Brasil

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
November 2010

The was the most beautiful travel of my life

Venkat S Lolla India

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
June 2010

What an experience indeed ! I have travelled recently almost a week back and the trip was fascinating. Initially , I have taken a trip only for the Eiger Jungfrau Glacier panorama , but at the last moment I had changed my view and opted for Jungfrau , Top of Europe trip . The changeover was very easy and it was done in the Bus itself by paying the differential fare. The best part of the trip was time management. It was so well done by the Driver Mr Mario and the Guide , Mr Kied to perfection. Regarding the scenic beauty , words cannot describe it .... It was just too good to be there on the Europe's top most peak ! It was fun all the day ! I would say once in each person's life time we should make it there !

Linda C

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
November 2009

This was the best, the very best. We paid more and took the Jungfrau, Top of Europe extension to this tour. It was wonderful. Words cannot describe. Plus I conquered my fear of heights. Hooray for me! Another thing, we had the best tour guide ever. He made the tour wonderful. I can't tell you how informative and fun he was, thoughtful of everyone, looking out for us,like a mother hen. Always pointing out to us the best places to take pictures, and taking pictures of all of us. He is a real treasure. This was a wonderful ending to our trip.

Sandeep B USA

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
August 2008

Absolutely breathtaking place. I took the tour initially via Viator but upon reaching the boarding point realized people were being given different stickers on the tour. When I asked about it she said that I would only be going to the base of the glacier and not all the way to the top and its an extra 90 francs to go up. This option had not been provided by Viator when I booked. I decided what the heck and paid and it's definitely worth it. The whole trip would have been a loss if I hadn't gone up - it's the most astounding views you can imagine. If you have one day in Zurich, this would be the tour to go for.

Kartik P United Kingdom

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
August 2008

This was the best trip we've made. The tour guide was warm towards all passengers, Ice Palace is something no one should miss.


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
October 2007

The tour was extremely well organised and I can definitely recommend it. The coach left exactly on time, and people were warned to keep to the times given to return to the coach or else they would be left behind. This was great because people knew the guide was serious about sticking to the schedule as everything was very carefully planned. Low and behold one or two people WERE left behind for not showing up on time and got what they deserved.

The Jungfrau region is absolutely beautiful all year round. With lots of personal time in the little town for sight-seeing we really enjoyed every minute of the tour. Thanks also for always sticking to the scenic routes instead of the motorways.

Sankarnarayan C India

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
August 2007

My wife and I really enjoyed the trip. The guide was extremely helpful, and but for him, our trip would not have been as enjoyable. Everything was perfectly timed and organised. Thanks once again!


4 star rating: Recommended
July 2016

The tour itself was fantastic and I would definitely recommend it. Scenery was majestic. We didn't go to the top of Jungfrau but still had a really good time taking photos at Kleine Scheidegg. Our tour guide Kib was very passionate about photo taking and tries his best to help us take photos. However he was very blunt and strict about the boundary of his duties. During our time on the bus, I heard other tourist ask questions but Kib would not answer them but instead asked whether they read the brochure and walked away. Also he refused to talk to me and my family once we reached Kleine Scheidegg. As Kib didn't inform us whether our guided tour ended once we reach Kleine Scheidegg, we went up to him and asked whether we have any other activities. To our surprise, he responded rather rudely and said and I quote why you come ask me? what you do now is none of my business. I was not very pleased with the response.


4 star rating: Recommended
July 2016

We were in Switzerland for 6 days and this was our favourite day trip. The Swiss Alps are beautiful, the train ride up from Interlaken to Kleine Scheidegg was very scenic. We did not go all the way to the top and the people that did complained about the clouds and low visibility. We did have one issue where all of us that stayed behind didn't know where we had to be picked up, and our guide Thomas wasn't reachable by phone due to the mountains. Note: if you're looking for a place to eat lunch once you take the train down to Grindelwald, the food is much cheaper.

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